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November 7, 2013

Agile Adoption - Easier said than done

Agile has become mainstream and is no longer a buzz word. In recent times, organizations have used agile methodology in multiple projects and have realized its benefits. But the question is whether agile adoption is really benefitting you to the extent it should have and will you be able to successfully scale up agile adoption in your organization? Why such doubts about the success of large scale adoption when projects have been successful? Let us first see some examples of counter claims between IT and Business about goal achievements which generate doubts about IT's endorsement of large scale agile adoption.

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October 22, 2013

Ensure success with agile - Three critical precepts

Posted on behalf of Surya Prakash K., SVP - Business IT Services Head - Retail, CPG, Logistics & Life Sciences

The Northern Sea Route helps ships from China reach Germany 2 weeks faster than the traditional Suez Canal route. However, speed (timely delivery) and quality (no loss of original scope) is only guaranteed if the weather's great and the timing is good, which is only for 3 months a year. Agile projects are sometimes this way - they succeed only in fair weather (i.e. business and IT collaborate very well on a consistent basis) and the timing is good (i.e. if the project size is small, one gets great programmers and program leaders).

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October 16, 2013

The Excitement or The Fear of Agile

At Infosys, I have recently interacted with many senior executives from multiple organizations which had just started some projects in agile or were eager to start it. Agile is more than a decade old now and is mainstream but there are organizations yet to embark on the agile journey. Why some organizations did not adopt agile in past? Why are they now keen on adopting agile?  Let's take a look at some of the interesting insights that can uncover the origination of the skepticism while adopting agile though technology/environment might be favorable for it.

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September 30, 2013

Business Agility - Do you have it in you?

Keeping in mind the current economic situation, global enterprises more than at any point in history need to innovate & drive operational excellence bearing in mind effective time to market constraints.  

The past few years have seen a large number of enterprises embrace 'agile' practices to become more responsive to business needs. Most organizations want to adopt enterprise IT agility for quicker time-to-market owing to frequent releases and shorter feedback cycles, thus resulting in realizing early business value. 

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Joe makes IT a true business enabler!

Posted by Vijay Sairam Pratap, Marketing Head, Business IT Services, Infosys

Thanks to Infosys Virtual command center, it's indeed great to have Joe back. It's like having the entire IT support team at one place, if not physically, at least by virtual presence. I can have Joe present with me live to resolve my IT queries rather than dropping him an email or calling him and waiting for ages for him to respond. With Joe, turnaround times are definitely something of the past as my issues are resolved instantaneously and in real-time - the way I always liked it. With all these advantages, it is really no surprise to me that all my colleagues now are eager to have their very own Joe. 

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September 27, 2013

Joe is back!

Posted by Vijay Sairam Pratap, Marketing Head, Business IT Services, Infosys

Blog_1 Joe is Back 02.jpg
Who is Joe? Joe was our IT guy, our veritable Mr. Know-it-all. He was Mr. Dependable and more importantly, was always there when you needed him. My problem was his problem, not just some random request that he tagged into his time sheet. Also, no matter where one sat, Joe was just a shout away. He represented IT hygiene; the kind that I couldn't live without. 

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September 26, 2013

Website Upgradation: Creating a compelling multi-channel experience for your customer

22 10 Revised option - compelling mulitchannel compressed.jpg
With the boom in smartphones, tablets and an ever increasing choice of devices  to access information and content, consumers expect that the websites they visit, would by default be enabled on the Android, Blackberry or iOS device they are using. In the event of pages getting truncated or the experience not seamless, the disgruntled customer is born.

So, if you have an existing website and are now looking at enabling the content for mobile/tablet devices, you have the following options with you:

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September 16, 2013

Striking the Balance: Waterfall and Agile - Part I

Today, companies have a plethora of choices such as SCRUM, Extreme Programming (XP), Behavior Driven Development (BDD), Feature Driven Development (FDD), Lean and Kanban software development methods under the umbrella of agile along with exiting waterfall method for project implementation. Companies can select the best combination of suitable methodologies to maximize business value for the customer.

In this blog series, we will discuss various methodology selection aspects across dimensions such as business/ application, location and teams, tools and also explore best-practices in both methodologies to balance agility with discipline and control.

This blog will talk about the methodology selection pointers around business and application related dimension. 

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Distributed Agile vs collocated agile - Is it important to be in the same room?

8 11 Blog collocated agile vs distributed agile 1.jpgSuccessful teams are built on trust. From a very long time, the success of IT projects has been dependent on the success of the teams that are running the projects, especially those teams, where the output of the team is greater than the sum of individual parts. In creating that greater sum, it is trust that is most important.

Let's take a look at the four supporting principles of Agile. Agile is more about Individuals and how they interact, rather than processes and tools. At the same time, it's more about getting the software to work, rather than creating broad documentation. It believes in involving the customer, rather than contract mediation, and it also believes in reacting to a change instead of following a set plan. 

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September 12, 2013

Funding Tomorrow's Applications

In my previous blog, I argued for expanding the scope of 'modernization' to include new technology capabilities like Mobility, better UX and Cloud. These actions are necessary to keep the portfolio up to date and relevant to the changing business environment.   While the 'rip and replace' option is always available, a more prudent financial option would be to make changes to existing applications and thus leverage the investments made so far.

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