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More Things to Bank on

Mobile has been the key driver for innovation in the digital space, and banks have long since moved from the "mobile-also" to "mobile-first" strategy. While this strategy has helped banks to transform for their digital journey, nowadays with the rapidly evolving capabilities of mobile phones, technology has proved to be somewhat of a moving target to keep up with.

Banking Fraud! How Prepared Are We?

Banking Frauds - AVID edits_Kislay.jpg

In this day and age where self-worth is measured in the number of Smartphones one has owned and lost, I was finally making the transition from "have not" to "have." Having successfully placed an online order for a Smartphone, I was in self-congratulatory mode when disturbing thoughts cropped up regarding the prudence of using my credit card on a practically unknown website. Followed by the inevitable question, "Is my bank doing enough to protect me from fraud?"

Re-engineering? But isn't that so yesterday?


If you believe that "change is the only constant" then you will not find it difficult to accept that "re-engineering is the response to change that keeps you going".

It is assumed, may I add very wrongly, that re-engineering business processes is a one-time exercise. If we did live in a static world, then yes, we could arrive at the perfect process in a few iterations and stick with it forever. But our world is a very dynamic one. Today, technology is the one big change, which keeps the need for re-engineering constant! Here, I'll digress a bit to remind you of a biology lesson from school -species which do not adapt to their changing environment perish and disappear forever. It is no different in the business world. Corporations, which fail to keep up with change, are doomed to extinction.