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The evolution of banking channels in India - I

The banking sector's first ATM debuted in the late sixties, nearly five-and-a-half centuries after the world's first modern bank. From there, the pace of automated customer interfaces really stepped up - online banking in the mid-nineties, mobile banking in the early aughts and social media access in 2012. Today, banks are already in a race to conquer the wearables market even though the concept itself is yet to completely break free of the proof-of-concept stage.

Unified View and Dashboard Through Internet Banking

As banks are increasingly moving towards specialized solutions to meet complex client needs, there is a need to redesign the channel solutions/architecture. Many IT vendors envisaged this change and are building solutions for the future in the form of a comprehensive channel platform offering.

It's a banking channel...No, I think it's another device!

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The banker's definition of a 'channel' is notably different from that of the vendor community in general, and this is reflected in the kind of solutions existing today, which claim to solve the multi-channel puzzle.

Are you being served?

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Are banking customers happier using self-service than being served? Well, according to a study of nearly 27,000 customers of a U.S. retail bank, the answer to that anticlimax. Apparently, users of self-service channels are neither no more nor no less satisfied with service than their branch banking brethren. That being said, self-service customers are less likely to change banks, if the move comes at a high switching cost. That's a double-edged sword, if there ever was one!