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January 22, 2016

Walk Like An Infoscion

Posted by Krishnamurthy Shankar (View Profile | View All Posts) at 5:30 PM

I've always enjoyed walking. In fact, by simply walking mindfully I find I often learn surprisingly significant things about the place and people that surround me. That's why, I make it a point to try and make the time to walk to the offices in our sylvan campus - when I am required to join in meetings there.

Breathing in the scent of freshly cut grass and enjoying the pleasantly bright sun dappling through the trees, I like nothing better than to draw upon the human energy around me. And it abounds. I often consciously tune into the surroundings to catch snatches of energizing conversations - a newbie Infoscion gushing over the phone to a parent, I imagine, about her all-new experience, another animatedly discussing an exciting technical challenge with a friend, a colleague from one unit trading notes with another, so many thoughts....so many languages - Bengali, Oriya, Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil , and on some days, strains of music in preparation for an in-house event or celebration perhaps, or far away the ping of shuttle hitting gut on the newly minted outdoor courts. This same realization hits me often - it is the emotions of people that make the world. Their aspirations, dreams, relationships, successes, challenges - that is the real world!

It never, ever fails to remind me that this same force that seeks to model and precisely automate so much of our everyday work into mechanizable, repeatable activities - is itself so irrepressibly, variedly, uniquely human. What a fascinating contrast and combination this is - an organization at the leading edge of digital, artificial intelligence and automation with a core that's so totally human. So, which one is the real Infosys? Is it our technology? Is it our people?

The answer to that question, I think is - our people, greatly amplified in potential by our technology. And that is the core of the future human revolution - people being able to do much more of the hitherto unimaginable things, because they are amplified by technology.

As our CEO Vishal says, "Our most valuable future resource actually lies within us - our passion, creativity and imagination. Only when we open our minds into new areas will we solve the greatest challenges of our time. These notions, and the things we need to achieve them, are uniquely human capabilities. We can leave the mundane and routine tasks to artificial intelligence and automation, freeing us to pursue new ideas, new societies, new ways of connecting with each other - the important things, the things no computer program will ever achieve. Embracing technology is precisely what I believe will unleash this human potential."

That's why, every Infoscion knows what he or she does is not just a job. No robot ever questioned the status quo. Or pushed the boundaries of the known. Or asked why. And why not. It's people, amplified by technology, that challenge the undoable. It's the human mind that reimagines yesterday to craft tomorrow.

My 5-minute walk done, entering the meeting room, I am deeply aware that I am in the company of people. Seekers of the unknown. Makers of tomorrow. And I am reminded, once again, of how exciting it is to be an Infoscion.

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