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January 22, 2016

When Talent Meets Technology

Posted by Varadharaj Venkataraman (View Profile | View All Posts) at 4:05 AM

When Talent Meets Technology

That technology can amplify human potential needs little validation in this digital age. So it is only natural that technology will have a dominant play in the way enterprises manage their human capital as well. I believe the talent management function is at a turning point, as significant as the one that took it from labor relations and personnel management to where it is today. And the pivot is digital technology. In 2016, watch out for 5 digital trends that will impact the way enterprises find, hire and nurture their talent.

  1. Human resources consumerize

    Until now, most HR systems and applications were typically designed to strengthen and streamline service delivery for HR professionals. Employees were respondents rather than participants in the entire process. In a consumerized HR model, applications and tools will be designed with the end user, namely the employee, at the center, with HR managers being seen as stewards of the process. The role of HR will be to provide employees with the self-service tools they need to manage their careers on their own, as well as fulfill enterprise reporting activities. Employee experience will become an essential component of talent management success.

  2. Mobile-first talent management goes mainstream

    An entire mobile-first generation will soon enter the workplace, bringing along heightened expectations for apps to manage the employment cycle, from application and learning to collaboration and workload management. A smartphone app from a leading Australian bank highlights the advantages of this new approach - for instance, the streamlining of HR duties by drastically reducing mundane requests for payslips and time-approval. An app-based approach to HR can also help uncover new layers of data to provide a more nuanced perspective of employee performance and motivation.

  3. Analytics-led insights redefine human resource management

    Advanced analytics will almost eliminate the role of instinct and intuition in talent acquisition, management and retention. As more HR processes are digitized, managers will be able to tap into a rich vein of insights to continuously fine tune their talent strategies and align them with enterprise goals. More importantly, they will also be able to personalize strategies to individual employees by identifying or even predicting needs, expectations and behavioral patterns at the level of the 'employee of one'.

  4. Talent management gamifies

    Gamification will become an increasingly potent tool in the HR arsenal for enhancing employee skill, engagement and motivation. Typically dull training and development programs can be energized by using game mechanics to create more interactive and experiential learning. Gamification also creates individualized data streams that can help HR professionals monitor and manage each employee on the basis of performance and progress. There is also the potential for companies to transform their health and wellness programs by leveraging a combination of gamification and fitness wearables to motivate staff to adopt healthier lifestyles.

  5. Human resources enters the next generation with machine learning and AI

    Technologies like machine learning, natural language processing and artificial intelligence will all play a critical role in the digital HR paradigm. The point of entry for most of these technologies will be to release HR teams from standardized, low value adding activities to enable them to focus on more strategic priorities. There are already some solutions, from companies like Innotrieve and Simppler, which are leveraging machine learning and AI to revolutionize the way HR organizations use data. As these technologies evolve and become capable of being deployed at scale, they will completely transform the way talent managers discover, recruit and develop their people.

And thus shall the business of talent management be more - by renewing what we do today, and simultaneously looking to do the unprecedented. After all, in a world of bits, everything is possible.

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