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June 5, 2016

Share It And It Becomes More.

Posted by Syeda Meher Taj (View Profile | View All Posts) at 1:03 PM

Here's a thing I always tell my team - when two of us share a thing at work, like a wad of post-its split in half, a cup of coffee or even time, both get a little less than they might have if they'd kept the thing all to themselves. But when you share an idea it has the exact opposite result - it grows into something bigger and stronger, as more and more people build on it. Both persons sharing end up with more than if they had chosen not to collaborate. It is this idea of sharing ideas that is at the core of the TEDx ideology and it resonates perfectly with all that we hold dear at Infosys.

And TEDx Bangalore hosted at the Infosys campus Bangalore last weekend on 29th May didn't disappoint.


TEDx Anchor Program presented by Infosys [Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJOoEwfbXcY&feature=youtu.be]

From an acoustic artist and musician to a passionate environmentalist, from a magician to a recipient of a National Film Award, we heard them all share their stories and talk about the ideas they thought were worth spreading. Each a great thought or innovation inspired by a deep desire to solve some of the biggest problems we see around us. A standout example for me was that of the Sai Sanctuary, which Pamela Gale Malhotra co-established to fulfill her dream (literally) of living in a place surrounded by hills, rivers, wooded valleys and white capped mountains, amidst rich plant and animal life. But the sanctuary is much more than an extravagant lifestyle indulgence - its forest is a cradle of life-giving water and an invaluable contributor to natural abundance and ecological balance.

And that is just one example of what we were all trying to do that day - to come up with fantastic, even perfect, solutions to the many needs around us. The ideas shared on this platform were not looking to create a faster, cheaper and better version of an existing solution; they were going for gold, to find and overcome problems that have so far defied mankind with a solution that's the desired ideal and which is limited only by our imagination. In short, we were seeking to create a platform for ideas that are about seeing the unseen. And people like Swati Subodh, a scientist in genomics and performing artist, are doing just that. A practitioner of translational science research, she is working on creating cross-disciplinary solutions for better healthcare delivery.

As speakers like Syed Sultan Ahmed and others shared their vision and view of the world, they held the 1,300 or so of us - including Infoscions in the audience - spellbound. It reinforced our commitment to look, learn, improve and share our own ideas and build on them with renewed energy.

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