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June 27, 2016

The Workplace that Works for You

Posted by Syeda Meher Taj (View Profile | View All Posts) at 12:09 PM

If you are trying to figure out which company to work for, why not look at what others like you want?

Today employees don't see their workplaces as a means of livelihood or stability anymore; virtually every company on a list - like the Glassdoor list - is there because of people and cultural factors.   Survey after survey says the same thing, which is that broadly, a great employer is one that :


Offers opportunities for growth, learning and development:

A growth opportunity is the greatest motivator of performance, and the best employers are quick to leverage this virtuous cycle. You can tell one by the kind of challenges they set employees, how well they nurture talent, and how far they encourage creativity and free thinking. Assess your prospective employer from a learning perspective - do they care about training, will you get to learn new things, is learning a one-off activity or a lifelong commitment for the company? In fact this is the only way to stay relevant in these times, when automation and artificial intelligence technologies are rapidly encroaching on job territory, performing mundane, routine tasks (and some!) better, faster and at lower cost than human beings. Companies that are in tune with digital reality are seeing this trend for what it is - a rare opportunity to amplify human capital, not just save a few pennies. They are embracing automation not to displace their people, but to elevate them into roles that do justice to their capabilities, roles that require them to think freely, solve big problems, and innovate at every opportunity. Before deciding your place of work, ask your prospective employers how they will help you actualize your true potential.

Cares about individual and personal needs:

The world's largest professional society for Human Resources says that respectful treatment is the biggest factor in job satisfaction (voted by 72 percent of surveyed respondents), followed by trust between the leadership and the employees down the order (64 percent). Employees tend to be loyal to companies that care about their personal needs, such as work-life balance. Older employees, who take pride in a job well done, are motivated by recognition. Generation X values employers who simplify their everyday tasks, and even their personal chores. For younger employees, personal and professional development is what matters most. Make sure you check your particular box before signing up.

Supports inclusion and collaboration:

This doesn't mean employees don't look beyond themselves. Employees feel a strong need to bond and belong. And once their individual or "me" requirements are met, they quickly turn their focus to the "we" bit - being part of a connected community, being "in" on the latest goings-on, and being a responsible member of society. The best workplaces foster a team culture, encourage sharing of knowledge and experiences, and are transparent and open in communication. They are also almost always valuable contributors to society, with a strong system of ethics and values.

If these are important to you, make sure the company you go to work with allows you opportunities to amplify your humanness besides your human capabilities.

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