January 22, 2016

Of Freedom, Fulfillment, And Finding Your Way

Posted by Aruna C. Newton (View Profile | View All Posts) at 5:01 PM

A typical day at Infosys [Source:]

Growing up in an age of intense competition is never easy and then add to that growing up in a developing economy in the third world and competition assumes an entirely new meaning.

There is a whole structuring and shaping that defines who you are, how you think and how you are supposed to think and respond. This discipline is essential. It is what guarantees you success. Despite the wisdom distilled and handed down to me, my appreciation for it continued to wane.

Imagine, I thought, studying hard, working even harder just to hang on to a frame that everyone defined as the success mantra for the generation. If you are free-spirited like I am, you will be forgiven for experiencing an attack of 'elutheromania' which Google defines as an intense and irresistible desire for freedom.

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