January 26, 2016

Design Thinking: What's In It For Us?

Posted by Pramod Prakash Panda (View Profile | View All Posts) at 5:32 AM

Service offering on Design Thinking and design-led initiatives [Source:]

Infosys has been deemed a Leader in the Winner's Circle in the HfS Research Design Thinking Blueprint, for excellence in innovation and execution. Our clients are really beginning to reap value from our Design Thinking services, spanning strategic consulting, digital experience redesign, and even training. Recognitions such as this clearly bear testimony to that value.

But, a more interesting question is what Design Thinking might have had to offer to us - the people.

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January 18, 2016

Design Thinking : Art Of Empowerment And Innovation

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Design Thinking helps discover the 'unknown-unknown' [Source:]

There's an urban legend surrounding one of the most respected business leaders of our time: Jack Welch, the former chairman and CEO of General Electric. The story of Welch begins when he was a newly-minted employee with GE. Fresh out of university with an engineering degree, he was asked where he saw himself in 20 years during his annual employee review. His answer: As Chairman and CEO of that company.
Having confidence in oneself is one thing. But Welch's answer took things to another level. The reason we still talk about that story today is that within 20 years or so of that employee review, he had indeed become GE's Chairman and CEO. What is it about certain business leaders that shows them a clear and unadulterated pathway to whatever or wherever it is they want to be? One of the reasons, I think, is the culture of the enterprise. If Welch's boss had laughed at him during that employee review, maybe things would have been different. But his supervisor, we're told, read his response and took Welch very seriously. GE had its eye on someone who aspired to greatness.

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