June 12, 2016

Let us Women Make More Leaders

Posted by Shamita Chatterjee (View Profile | View All Posts) at 11:42 AM

You know that the world is changing for the better when we find females who are senior-level executives no longer described first by their gender, but instead by the accomplishments, education, talent, and experience that got them to the top. ( Else, just a decade or so ago, we still practiced something no different and as ridiculous as describing a man as one of the top male executives in his industry.)

That's not to say women have achieved parity with men in the corporate world. There remain a lot of glass ceilings to break. But the women who have emerged as business leaders offer amazing stories of how they got to where they did. Their lessons on determination and achievement are valuable for just about anyone interested in advancing his or her career. For instance, Caroline Ghosn is the founder and CEO of Levo, which is an ingenious digital platform that hosts the Levo League. It's a way for women to network and help each other to achieve their goals in what is still a male-dominated corporate world.

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January 22, 2016

Organizational Diversity: The Differentiation Is In The Difference

Posted by Shamita Chatterjee (View Profile | View All Posts) at 4:15 AM

Culture Café - Turkey [Source:]

In an increasingly multicultural and globalized business environment, workplace diversity is a competitive advantage. Over the years there have been many studies that have established a correlation between diversity and stock market performance, return on equity, and innovation.

As markets become more heterogeneous in terms of culture, ethnicity and gender, it becomes imperative for businesses to build teams that are representative of their customer base. Beyond demographic diversity, organizations should also foster cognitive diversity so they can benefit from the broader worldview, thinking processes, beliefs and value systems of their employees. And finally, a strategic focus on diversity would help organizations recruit from a wider and deeper talent pool and enhance the value of their human capital.

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