February 27, 2016

Let Them Talk

Posted by Rajesh Ahuja (View Profile | View All Posts) at 4:03 AM

A well-known American home appliance brand faced much embarrassment when an employee posted a thoughtless comment about the President's grandmother to their corporate Twitter account. When a British entertainment retailing firm let go of a large number of employees, one, who still had access to the company's Twitter account tweeted her ire to the wide world. Research says that nearly 40 percent of employees getting the sack or the pink slip will bad mouth their former employer in social media and other forums.

With every staff member turning publisher, courtesy online-social-mobile, organizations have ceded significant control over corporate content and communication to their employees. While there will be the odd negative event every now and then, for the most part, companies can curate employee-generated content to their advantage. One of the most visible benefits of getting employees to contribute to the company's content is higher conversion rates. An employee narrating a positive story in his or her own words has far greater authenticity than carefully crafted HR or marketing messaging. Organizations should therefore invite members of other teams, like customer support for instance, to share their experiences firsthand. Another benefit is that the content automatically becomes richer, because it will reflect the diverse opinions, tones, personalities and knowledge of its creators. The organization needs to assess the individual content strengths - well-researched, articulate, humorous, pithy and so on - of their employees and channelize their efforts to create content that enhances both corporate and personal brands.

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January 22, 2016

Organizational Diversity: The Differentiation Is In The Difference

Posted by Shamita Chatterjee (View Profile | View All Posts) at 4:15 AM

Culture Café - Turkey [Source:]

In an increasingly multicultural and globalized business environment, workplace diversity is a competitive advantage. Over the years there have been many studies that have established a correlation between diversity and stock market performance, return on equity, and innovation.

As markets become more heterogeneous in terms of culture, ethnicity and gender, it becomes imperative for businesses to build teams that are representative of their customer base. Beyond demographic diversity, organizations should also foster cognitive diversity so they can benefit from the broader worldview, thinking processes, beliefs and value systems of their employees. And finally, a strategic focus on diversity would help organizations recruit from a wider and deeper talent pool and enhance the value of their human capital.

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