March 12, 2013

Realizing Business Value from Big Data

We are at an inflection point in information management. Enterprises, till very recently, were pretty much entirely fueled by structured data - for processing, analysis and insight generation. The promise of Big Data has of course loomed large for some time now, but with emphasis mostly on socially generated unstructured data in the Internet - whether for brand assessment, consumer sentiment analysis or simply tracking recall value.

There is something amiss here. The fact is that enterprises have completely ignored the vast reserves of unstructured data tucked away within the walls of their corporations - accounting for over 80% of organizational data, including documents, data on tapes, and such like. This is the dark secret in most enterprises.

Business organizations have always hungered for data that can provide action-driving insights. Yet, they've seldom got something easily and fast. The wait for meaningful data has always been excruciatingly long. And, when they do manage to get to the data or insight, more often than not, the requirement is no longer pressing, and the opportunity gone cold.

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