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April 12, 2014

"AIM" for successful Cloud CRM implementations...

The CRM space has been undergoing major transformation through more and more customers moving towards cloud based CRM. Some of the cloud CRM players like Salesforce.com are constantly innovating and improving their features through three releases in one year. We should be open to explore and build a robust delivery methodology which should be Scrum based (agile), iterative and focus on speed of delivery without compromising the quality. This is not only an operational change, but should be a cultural change in how we would be executing projects going forward. AIM can be used for Salesforce.com, MSCRM and other CRM packages where the customer experience and time to market is the key for the success of the engagement.





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March 26, 2014

Musings of a victim of irrelevant and over-done marketing campaigns

Of late I've been deeply troubled by the increasing number of calls, emails and SMSes from umpteen number of service providers about offers which are absolutely of no relevance for me. Mind you, some of these are from service providers of whom I'm already an existing customer!

There are 3 variants of this problem -

  1. A barrage of offers / updates from service providers whose services you already avail.
    This is acceptable if it's related to regular purchases (e.g. groceries, restaurants) but why would I need such offers from a courier service provider when I only use their services about 3-4 times in a year?!
  2. Lack of 360 degree information with the service provider about their own customers.
    I received a call recently from my mobile service provider, or possibly their affiliate, asking what mobile connection (pre-paid / post-paid) I had so that they can suggest the best suited offers for me. Now, isn't that the most basic information they need to maintain about me?!
  3. Zero visibility on who all (affiliates / partners) your contact details are shared by your service provider
    This is the most irritating of them all! There are so many calls, emails from service providers who I have never approached nor was planning to avail services from, leaving me in utter confusion as to how they have access to my contact details. Typical culprits - emails about full-time B.Tech / MBA programs that make no sense to me after 10 years of work experience (after a B.Tech and an MBA degree!)

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March 24, 2014

Say Hello to Salesforce 1


Salesforce.com CEO and Chairman during his 2014 Salesforce1 World Tour, Benioff illustrated the new theme IOT: Internet of Customers. IOT is the concept of the plethora of ways a company has to engross their customers, be it mobile, social channels or connected devices. There has been huge demand observed around these various channels and engaging customers through them is an invaluable offering.

If figures from Gartner report are any indication than there would be about 1.9 billion smartphones and tablets shipped across the globe in 2014. Also concurrently more than 4 million apps are built on Salesforce.com. This clearly spectacles that there is a significant buzz profound along the mobile device space and Salesforce.com has taken momentous efforts in order to cater and tap this huge potential demand with Salesforce1.

Salesforce1 has been appreciated as the most revolutionary take away from Dreamforce-13. Salesforce1 App is a mobile application built on top of Salesforce1 platform and offers real time accessibility on the Salesforce data. Currently this mobile app is available on Apple mobile devices with IOS 7 or later and Android phones with Android 4.2 Jelly Beans onwards. It allows any Salesforce user to experience interactive environment around business processes, custom apps, chatter and other CRM functionalities offered by Salesforce. Just within few taps we can achieve an optimized and simple navigation to review details, update and create new records.

Salesforce1 has unified and consolidated SFDC platform and mobile application into a single robust offering that encapsulates core Salesforce functionality, customizations and Appexchange products into a single fused interface. It's a write once deploy anywhere offering and is compatible with all the customizations that have been done by the user in their Salesforce organization instance. Salesforce1 enables sales, service and marketing features of Salesforce in one platform.With Salesforce1 all the key stakeholders have been touched and benefitted ,it has opened myriad opportunities and value offering for Admin, Developer, Independent Software provider and of course the customers.

The era of engaging with the customers has overridden the concept of merely selling the products to the customers, one must be aware of where is your customer, what is he looking for and how conveniently they can be connected to provide required information to them. Salesforce1 could be seen as the product that has emerged out of this very basic and impertinent value offering to the customer.

Though still a long way to go but it can be rightly said that Salesforce is much more than a CRM system now, it has taken a giant stride towards bolstering its identity as pioneer of public cloud development platforms.

Welcome to Salesforce1!


March 7, 2014

Envisaging platform for NBA in next gen communication

Technology has inculcated new habits and type of preferences in the human beings. This also helps in determining the pattern and behavioral aspect of these preferences and the same technology has probably also got potential to further sense the next best preferences, best interest, best emotions ; finally creating a virtuous circle for technological evolvement.

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Is your Salesforce org suffering from cloud data obesity? Archiving - A clinical procedure to fight cloud data obesity

Posted on behalf of Amol Ashokrao Mukhedkar, Senior Consultant, Advanced Technologies - SFDC, Energy, Communications & Services

My interest to relate the common/uncommon human diseases to cloud software has been witnessing a steady surge.  Recently, while working with a LDV (Large Data Volume) organization, I started encountering performance issues and limitation of apex queries. Over a period of time I started to observe that a healthy looking organization was showing signs of Obesity- Cloud data obesity. 

A lot has been written and said about best practices of SFDC implementation. There are exercises which can be undertaken to avoid suffering from cloud data obesity. This however is not the intent of the blog. The blog looks at a scenario of what can be done if an organization is already suffering from cloud data obesity.

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February 18, 2014

Customer Segmentation- A strategic Viewpoint

Every organisation focuses on acquisition of customer data from multiple customer touch points. The customer data goes through the journey of data quality and in case of disparate data sources, further master data management practices to get single view of customer holding golden record. The customer Master data is cleansed, enriched to provide insight into their profile. The data flows into CRM datamart for the use of Campaign management System to use for marketing purpose. The Marketing team uses in database analytics or Campaign management tool to segment the customer base into meaningful cluster to contact through different channel.  Each Segmentation of customer is contacted based on their life time value or usage or RFM (recency, frequency, monetary value), age, gender, spending habit, interest or based on selection criteria set by the Marketing team. Some percent of customer base remains non-contact base to measure uplift ratio and rest falls into the cluster of segmentation.

Customer Segmentation enables to identify homogeneous groups within customer base. It provides a strategic view for identifying patterns and customer behaviour and helps:

       Price more effectively

       Focus attention to higher value segments

       Develop tactics to improve value segments

       Retain and serve the best customers

       Prevent Churn

       Personalised Shopping

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Enterprise Analytical Dataset- DWH viewpoint

For every profitable organization, it is very much essential to have robust Customer Relationship Management System with all accurate information in it. Generally every organization intends to keep product and customer master data in a single place to keep single version of truth. For Retail organizations, order, sales data captured through point of sale systems like retail brick and mortar, web, direct Inbound and Outbound. Different OLTP database may capture different source of information starting from order placed in basket, cancelled, not went through due to some check and error, cannot be fulfilled, completed, returned, and closed along with customer notes. During the order placement journey, system also captures customer contact details, contact preference and all associated attribute to identify the order and sale process. It also defines the finite period of journey and status for each to realise the potential bottleneck to convert the sales from the time the customer started the order placement journey.


For retail stores (known as Brick and Mortar), retail Sales Agents interact with the customer and try to log as much as information possible. For some business, it is not essential to track customer details as they intend to do mass marketing and promotion based on sales trend and like-for-like sales reporting. For those, tracking of RFID, QP code Scan or tracking of device or item is more important. Retail has added benefit of upselling and cross-selling during the sale. Customer interaction with the agent and less waiting queue at the till makes customer life easier and that plays major role in repeat business. For stores or manufacturing industry, tracking of order, sales tracking through device or pallet RFID, inventory tracking through various means and reduction of loss and theft of items/packages is key essential criteria.


For web touch point, user interactive screen helps customer to navigate and fulfil the order. Web captures more customer information and also about the order, sales information, customer interest.Direct touch point helps in converting sales through direct inbound and outbound mode; here customer interaction history can also be tracked along with customer interest and dissatisfaction for any product or service. Apart from traditional source of data, unstructured web log of clickstream data- showing customer interest, social networking site data having customer liking or comments on organization product or service offering can provide valuable insight into customer 360° view. Customer review data can also be logged and tracked by the organization.


All these source of information can be loaded in Enterprise data warehouse to keep single view of customer and also to have information about prospects and faceless customers.



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January 29, 2014

Don't let your CRM implementation suffer from Progeria!

Progeria is an accelerated aging process, an extremely rare genetic disorder.  You implemented CRM solution just a few years back and now started getting a feel that your system on cloud is no longer sustainable.  It cannot handle increased transaction.  It is not scalable and it is very expensive to maintain and change.  If you are getting these thoughts in your mind, your implementation is suffering from Progeria and perhaps not meeting its original objectives.

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January 15, 2014

The right mobile apps strategy helps realize higher data ARPU in rural Indian markets

India's huge rural populace has always been an irresistible target market, with a lot of potential to generate significant revenues for a range of products and services. Wireless mobile service industry is a very good example where significant growth is observed in the uptake from rural areas. Currently, rural subscribers of mobile connections constitute almost 40% (1) (roughly 351 million subscribers) of the total subscribers in India (roughly 873 million subscribers), and this figure is constantly growing. Commensurately, users of data services in the rural areas is expected to reach 85 million (2) by June 2014. This is a very encouraging trend as this boom is expected to happen even though rural areas primarily have 2G data services, in comparison to 3G driving such growth in urban areas. Availability of low cost smart phones is another reason why rural customers are able to use data services more than ever. While this depicts the keen interest on data services in the rural markets, the key gap is in terms of usage of data services - robust 3G services in urban areas are able to support everything from basic data needs such as ringtone downloads to much advanced ecommerce transactions. Usage of data services is limited to ringtone downloads, recharges and usage of social networks such as Facebook.

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January 2, 2014

Data Governance - Are you thinking about it?

I just recently concluded a session with one of Infosys client on it's data governance need across multiple regions. The activity was well received and it also provided a great insight into the expectations organizations have from Data Governance exercise. But apart from expectations there was a sense of confusion among the stakeholders on what will be end state of the exercise and what will be achieved after a governance framework is implemented. Some best practices that any organization can adopt for Data Governance exercise can help resolve confusion among the stake holders. Few items in this regard are listed below:-

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