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Third Era of Enterprise Architecture

The history of Enterprise Architecture (EA) is just two decades and it has evolved rapidly over the years. Now, we are in the 3rd Era of Enterprise Architecture. Let us look how the Enterprise Architecture has evolved and how it is moving ahead.

3rd Era of EA.png

First Era of Enterprise Architecture (Within)

Enterprise Architecture is an evolution of Application Architecture, Technology Architecture, Data Architecture and extending to Business Architecture. It was Within the Enterprise giving a strategic view of IT covering ERP, SCM, CRM, Custom Applications, Analytics etc.

Second Era of Enterprise Architecture (Inside-Out)

With the advent of Internet/World wide web - e-Commerce, e-Marketplace, e-Business EA was extended (Inside-Out) to support IT systems and processes outside the enterprise walls (DMZ/firewall).

Third Era of Enterprise Architecture (Outside-In) 

Now with Cloud Computing, Social Networks, BYOD Mobile adoption happening, the Enterprise Architecture is moving further outside (Outside-in). The third era of Enterprise Architecture is enabling Open Innovation, Crowd Sourcing, Anywhere and Anytime connection to the Enterprise.

This transformation comes with New Opportunities and Challenges to the Enterprise.

Does your Enterprise is ready to adapt to this transformation?

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