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August 18, 2017

The Intelligence in Using Renewable Energy

Posted by Ashiss K Dash (View Profile | View All Posts) at 5:40 AM

The Intelligence in Using Renewable Energy

While it is hard to ascertain by when, it is widely acknowledged that fossil fuels are not the future sources to fulfill our energy needs. Renewable energy is emerging as the most reliable alternative for our future, however, despite significant progress in pockets, there are quite a few daunting challenges. Among the leading sources of renewables, solar and wind are dependent on the weather, are unpredictable, and we still need to smoothen the flow of energy from generation to consumption. The advancement in storage technology is promising yet far from where it needs to be. From time to time, generation of renewable energy will fall short of demand and hence it cannot be the reliable source of base load for consumption. The base load continues to shift to fossil fuel-based generation which defeats the purpose to move to renewables in the first place.

One solution is to use demand-side flexibility cleverly, cutting demand for renewable energy when supply is low and bumping it up in times of plenty. This is possible by advanced load control at an equipment and appliance level, such as large air-conditioning units or industrial furnaces to switch off when power generation is low and consume more energy when there is excess supply. Additionally, the owners of this equipment could also be contracted to make their stored energy and battery packs available to the grid when required.

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August 9, 2017

Lightning Speed E-commerce

Posted by Arish Ali (View Profile | View All Posts) at 12:25 PM

Lightning Speed E-commerce

Think about the last time you needed to access a service. Perhaps it was to pay a utility bill, pick an internet and phone package, choose an insurance plan, or place an order with your favorite retailer. It's very likely that on each of these occasions you simply reached for that do-it-in-a-minute app on your smartphone. When your employees, partners and customers need to access services or assets within the enterprise ecosystem, would you be surprised if they too instinctively reached for their smartphones? Like you, they too are accustomed to the convenience, speed, addictive ease, and ubiquity of mobile. And that's not all they're counting on.

As customers switch channels, they expect to receive the same quality of user experience they've always associated with your brand. Anything short of that frustrates them - even leading them to bail on a transaction or intended purchase. That's why, beyond the mobile-first approach, it's important to make sure that the experience your brand delivers is uniquely compelling and yet unfailingly consistent throughout a multi-event, multi-channel journey. And why not, if that's what it takes to keep your customers coming back for more, and the competition at bay? The challenge then is around executing a strategy that delivers on this vision.

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August 4, 2017

Automate, Innovate, Learn: Way Ahead for IT Services Providers and Buyers

Posted by Ravi Kumar S. (View Profile | View All Posts) at 6:35 AM

Automate, Innovate, Learn: Way Ahead for IT Services Providers and Buyers

Digital technologies continue to disrupt every business as we know it. In response, IT service providers must first help clients navigate the disruption to future-proof their business, innovate, and grow. Then, they must do the same for themselves. From a conventional services and applications provider to a problem-finder, strategic advisor and innovator of next-generation services, the role of the IT service provider has irrevocably changed.

Technologies for smart automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are fuelling this change in the way IT services are delivered. The implementation of these technologies is resulting in pervasive automation, moving the industry away from the conventional 'people only' IT services delivery model to a much more powerful 'people plus software' model to deliver these essential services.

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