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November 30, 2016

Powering New Digital Business Models in Banking

Posted by Sanat Rao (View Profile | View All Posts) at 12:35 PM

Powering New Digital Business Models in Banking

Innovative digital models are making their way into banking and the recently launched Marcus by Goldman Sachs is one such example. A subsidiary of the investment bank, Marcus will offer customers a fixed-rate, no-fee, unsecured personal loan, which enables customers to personalize monthly payments and thus better manage their finances.

Marcus marks Goldman Sachs's digital shift from Wall Street to Main Street, and is an example of how banks are rapidly adopting new technologies. Another example of progressive incumbent banks going digital is India's ICICI Bank which has continually transformed itself to keep pace with changing customer requirements. Since 2015, the Bank has refreshed its core banking platform, launched #icicibankpay - a comprehensive Twitter based banking service, Pockets - India's first Visa-based open digital wallet, iWear - the country's first multi-platform smartwatch app, SmartKeys - a smart keyboard for banking where one can chat and pay, and most recently, a pilot on Blockchain based remittances and trade finance. All these initiatives are designed to comprehensively transform the bank to fulfil emerging customer expectations.

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November 28, 2016

Bet You Won't Have Time To Read This Post Today

Posted by Madhu Janardan (View Profile | View All Posts) at 3:22 AM

Bet You Won't Have Time To Read This Post Today

Today is Cyber Monday here in the US, and we are inundated with steals and deals. These range from lunches to gaming consoles, furniture to holidays. As the energy of the day takes over, it's not uncommon to have family and friends glued to their mobiles, filling up their carts with stuff they have been coveting for weeks- even months perhaps.

But first there was only Black Friday- the day after Thanksgiving when American retailers officially kicked off the holiday shopping season. In the last decade - never to let a lucrative opportunity pass them by - retailers devoted the following Monday to their virtual shop, and Cyber Monday was born. But something else was born along with it: the special 'one-day event' in the retail scheme of things. Aren't we all familiar with the 'manic Monday', 'terrific Tuesday' and 'wacky Wednesday' offers? Ask any marketing expert and she'll tell you that creating a sense of urgency appeals to the human psychology and is a well-tested method to sell merchandise rapidly.

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November 24, 2016

Have You Taken Robust Measures to Verify Data?

Posted by Srinivasa Gopal Sugavanam (View Profile | View All Posts) at 11:31 AM

What Makes a Human Click! [Source:]

Have you ever wondered if the lion's share of data your organization collects is accurate and actionable? It's a question more and more executives are asking themselves as 'trend articles' on respected social media sites have turned out to be outright fabrications. With no supervision of human editors, the algorithms in charge of selecting news for the 'trending articles' have a field day.

I'm specifically referring to a recent investigation by Washington Post into Facebook's Trending news section. They discovered that over a three-week period beginning in late August, five news articles on Facebook were, 'indisputably fake.' Another three articles on Facebook's Trending news section were 'profoundly inaccurate'. My favorite fake yet trending article uncovered by the Post investigation? Apple CEO Tim Cook's announcement that consumers should prepare themselves for the release of the iPhone 8, which will include a feature that allows users to conjure up a physical Siri who comes out of the phone and helps with chores.

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