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July 1, 2015

Be Careful With Mobile Apps

Posted by Dr. Ashutosh Saxena (View Profile | View All Posts) at 6:25 AM

Mobile Apps

If there's money to be had in a particular activity, you can be sure that thieves and criminals aren't far behind. One of the reasons we hear horror stories about cyber-crime is because the Internet is largely unregulated. I've often heard it compared to America's Wild West. No law and order gives way to swashbuckling criminals with bold schemes.

Perhaps the most troubling yet is ransomware - a type of malware that infects a computer in such a way that it restricts a user's access to his own machine. Can you imagine the panic if your computer has been locked and all your important files have been encrypted? Then comes a demand in the form of an on-screen alert - a ransom that must be paid to restore access. This is typically in the range of US$ 100 to US$ 300 dollars, and is sometimes demanded in virtual currency, such as Bitcoin! Infections caused by ransomwares can be devastating, and recovery can be a difficult process that may require the services of a reputable data recovery specialist. That specialist might charge more for his services than the actual ransom!

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June 26, 2015

Here's How To Innovate Finance

Posted by Mohit Joshi (View Profile | View All Posts) at 6:29 AM

Innovate Finance: The Future of Money [Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZecVfvntNI]

Think of a place where your workday involves communicating with businesses that are open in both Hong Kong and New York. I'm betting big bucks that the place you're thinking of is London. Its markets are open when the Far East's markets are revved up, and later in their day, the London exchanges are still open when New York's markets hear the bell ring and begin their trading. It is a city perfectly positioned to connect every investor and business on the planet.

Over the years, London has made a name for itself as a community that supports accelerators -- groups of startups in which the technorati deem worthy of investing. It is no wonder that Level 39, Europe's largest accelerator space, is housed in London, at One Canada Square on prestigious Canary Wharf. Among them is Innovate Finance, an organization whose mission is to promote British startups in the financial services sector.

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June 24, 2015

Trust Challenges Alleviated By Cryptography

Posted by Dr. Ashutosh Saxena (View Profile | View All Posts) at 11:00 AM

There's a popular team-building exercise that is often undertaken at corporate offsites. It involves choosing one person from the group of co-workers to stand up and face away from her colleagues. She is told that her colleagues are right behind her and that she should fall back with the inherent trust that the group will catch her before she hits the ground. It never ceases to amaze me that so many people hesitate. Some of them refuse to let themselves fall back altogether. Then there are those who let go. They place trust in their colleagues and allow themselves to fall back. The reason this exercise continues to be the most utilized of all corporate team-building exercises is that it's all about trust.

I hope that enterprises continue to use this exercise, because we live in a world filled with challenges and we are required to place our trust in software. Perhaps none of these are more important and more current than the Cloud, one of the most recent trends in modern Information Technology. The Cloud is an on-demand self-service model that provides rapid elasticity for resource provisioning. Most of us know full well that resources are pooled to serve multiple customers using a multi-tenant model. Data and applications are usually hosted in a Cloud service provider that controls locations. Cloud customers have little control over them. Service-level agreements try to protect the Cloud customer's interest, but the typical customer is looking for better technical control to get guaranteed protection for her data in the Cloud environment. Despite best interests, trust, security, and privacy issues are major roadblocks in Cloud computing adoption.

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