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May 22, 2015

When Will Computers Become Truly Smart?

Posted by Dr. Srinivas Padmanabhuni (View Profile | View All Posts) at 10:51 AM

How smart is today's artificial intelligence? [Source:]

There's something quite fascinating to the phenomenon of rare, scientific programs reaching the daily parlance of the general population. A current example is artificial intelligence (A.I.). The average person on the street knows what A.I. is and has probably mentioned it in a non-scientific discussion.

I was reminded of this phenomenon when I saw one of the season's first blockbuster movies. It was pure science fiction but the protagonists wrestled with A.I. and indeed battled a monster that learned from humans and independently improved itself. That's always been a concern about A.I. - that the science behind it is somehow sinister. At its worse, A.I. creates a kind of Frankenstein's monster that is out to destroy human life. But perhaps, that's a far-fetched notion.

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May 19, 2015

Why The Time Is Now for High-Performance Cryptography

Posted by Dr. Ashutosh Saxena (View Profile | View All Posts) at 12:44 PM

Why High-performance cryotogrpahy' by Dr. Ashutosh
Enigma, the 'unbreakable' Nazi code machine

There's a fascinating new movie about how the most complex and intellectually challenging of activities - cryptanalysis - did as much to win World War II for the Allies as did any tank brigade. The Imitation Game is the story of how the mathematician Alan Turing broke the 'unbreakable' Nazi code machine (the ominously named Enigma device) that in turn helped the Allies secretly listen in on vital enemy communications.

I bring up this movie because some 75 years later, we all live in a world where cryptanalysis and cryptography have an enormous amount of influence over our day-to-day lives. The next time you buy something online, for instance, notice how the Internet response slows down and how the payment page arrives relatively slowly. This delay is the consequence of turning on what's known as the secure browsing mode, or 'https.' In secure browsing mode, data exchanged on the Internet is sent over a Secure Sockets Layer. The SSL uses cryptographic operations like public key cryptography for key exchange, and symmetric encryption for confidentiality.

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May 15, 2015

Online DNA Tests Are Changing Healthcare Industry

Posted by Subhro Mallik (View Profile | View All Posts) at 10:55 AM

Online DNA Tests Are Changing Healthcare Industry

For those of you who take interest in the exploits of the fictional titans and gods of classical Greece, perhaps none is more interesting than Prometheus. Aside from being credited with giving humans the gift of fire, he also gave them livestock to eat. If you were someone in classical Greece listening to tales about Prometheus, chances are you'd think he had your back and was looking out for you.

Some Infosys trivia: Our New York City offices at Rockefeller Center overlook the beautiful gold statue of Prometheus. But that wasn't one of the reasons I took note of one of a handful of new websites that offer personalized DNA information. One such service is named Promethease. It's a word play on the classical Greek titan who took time, as the legends go, to help 'kickstart' mankind's development. Almost every culture and civilization has its own version of Prometheus. It's all too funny that he's back in the news after a couple thousand years because of modern day humans' quest to find more about themselves.

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