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March 5, 2012

Because building tomorrow's enterprise needs tomorrow-ready people

Posted by Srikantan Moorthy (View Profile | View All Posts) at 10:55 AM

US$ 450 million - that is what it apparently costs to send a shuttle into space. That's also what we've invested in our Global Education Centre. Yes, the facilities are unparalleled and can cater to more than 13,500 people in a single session. But that's not the story.

Unlike so many training programs designed for skilling employees to fit into their current jobs, at Infosys, we target continuous employment readiness and motivation - empowering each employee, today, to excel in his or her role not just now, but tomorrow, and through the duration of their professional career. That's why, learning at Infosys is a continuum, rather than an event, and this makes it really special in many ways.

For us, continuous training and employment readiness is not something that's just nice to have, but rather an absolute necessity. How else can we deliver on our commitment to build tomorrow's enterprise? Then, there's the question of what drives creative and innovative people - the kind we seek to retain and nurture.  We know, from listening to our people, that what makes continuous learning effective is keeping it relevant and flexible. I have seen, time and again, that few things motivates good talent more than the opportunity to direct one's own work and chart one's own path through mastery of the work domain. And our interventions are designed to equip them to do exactly that.

This has a happy side-effect. Infoscions feel they 'belong' here and can clearly see where they're headed. They see the ability to learn new things as clear value they gain from being here. Just this morning, at breakfast, it was a pleasure listening to one of our youngsters say "I have learnt so much from being here. I wish I had joined Infosys much earlier. This is what I tell my friends. I can clearly see a path to reach my professional aspirations by leveraging the continuous learning programs available at Infosys."

We know that is not only about employability for graduating students but is also continuous career-building in a fast-paced industry that our learning needs to enable. Empowering our professionals to build tomorrow is also our business.

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