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April 23, 2012

Experience tomorrow's enterprise

Posted by BG Srinivas (View Profile | View All Posts) at 2:11 PM

In my ongoing discussions with CEOs and executives, I find we are all looking for the same things - ways to quickly adapt to the changes around us and drive top-line growth. Large business and technology shifts are shaping the future and we are looking to harness the opportunities these forces are creating. With increasing clarity, I can see 7 key trends that are at the fore. For instance, one that you couldn't have missed, is the advent of the digital consumer and how her demand for personalization is upsetting the apple-cart of existing business models. We have shared our point of view, on building tomorrow's enterprise, with over 100 global corporations, and conducted innovation co-creation workshops with over of 50 of these enterprises. In fact, we are consistently putting our business and technology investments into these areas so our clients are equipped, for tomorrow, with all they need to not just manage change but spark the next wave of growth.

But what, I think, will specially interest you is that, at Infosys, it's not just content and corporate-speak that tell our clients how this can work for them; we invite them to experience tomorrow for themselves. The Infosys Experience Centre we've unveiled today, in our London office, is another of the many channels we leverage to do this. Through fully digitized interactive experience zones, the Centre tells the story of the seven mega themes, dominating global business, and how your enterprise can take advantage of these to build sustainable business advantage. It lets you experience firsthand what tomorrow's enterprise is all about....building a compelling case backed with real-world examples, videos and democasts of solutions that can specifically help you chart your course for transition into the innovation-led accelerated growth mode. In fact, our Product Research and Development Center, 500 engineers strong today, is expected to grow to 1,000 over the next two years. With 474 patent applications, 12 platforms, 12 products and still counting, the momentum to deliver innovation around the megatrends continues unabated. Annual revenue from Finacle is over 318 million USD and our other products and platforms have brought in contracts valued at 350 million USD. Over 40 clients leverage Infosys products and platforms and 160 others accelerate innovation with Finacle from Infosys.

This near-obsession with building tomorrow, today, is what has inspired the very evolution of our organization that seeks to be your strategic partner...help you sustain competitive advantage...and build your enterprise of tomorrow.
Don't take my word for it. Come, experience the real thing.



I am really happy to see the passion with which we work towards our goals. A peek into this new experience center and seeing our Leaders talk has really reassured me that I work for a company with great future. I clearly see the new developments will only benefit the employees with in to take on newer challenges and grow to achieve individual dreams. It is for us to make the best of the available arena of options.

Wishing the Best for Infosys and Proud to be part of the Journey!

Deepti N Rao

Great move ahead!!!

Its really inspiring blog....

Gr8 Step To solve customer problems with Innovation Edge.

It is really thrilling to see that Infosys has put its thought, idea, research and innovations to pioneer the creation of state-of-art Experience Center, to give an learning experience to customer which would help them in finding solutions in their business and help them keep up with contemporary trends. The ideas and decisions made, which transforms into great solutions like this, are what makes Infosys leaders in the industry!
Wishing the Best for Infosys and Proud to be part of the Journey!
- Williams Moffat

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