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June 25, 2012

Strategic collaboration: Vital for future growth

Posted by Sanjeev Arya (View Profile | View All Posts) at 5:33 AM

In today's world of ever-changing dynamics and unprecedented market conditions, global businesses are challenged to sustain their competitive advantage. I believe in the constancy of businesses seeking newer ideas from within and also from their partner ecosystem.

Innovation is necessitated by the need to change and to challenge the norm, for the improvement of a process, a system, an organization or the society at large. Co-creation and innovation continue to resonate in my mind when I monitor global trends in action across industry sectors, and more so, in the telecom sector. We, at Infosys, continually work towards delivering business value for our clients with these concepts ingrained in our strategic directives. So, how does one enable value? One of the quickest ways to do so is to partner and leverage investments to create new growth opportunities on a  mutual basis.

Innovation is at the heart of Infosys' strategy - 'Building Tomorrow's Enterprise'. Over decades, our research and development arm has evolved and incubated many new concepts and ideas which are being realized by our clients in the form of platforms, products and solutions. The focus has always been on 'value realization' which drives teams to help transform the businesses of our clients, globally. Co-creating and working together with clients, technology partners, universities and other innovation ecosystems available to leverage, Infosys is able to focus on developing solutions to address complex business problems. The Intellectual Property thus developed is coming in very handy to create greater agility in how we provide value to our clients and also to their end-customers through our collaboration.

Our relationship with British Telecom (BT) is a great example of Infosys playing the role of an innovation and co-creation partner. A true testimony to this came by the way of BT and Infosys being recognized with the Business Service Innovation award by Global Telecoms Business on June 12th, 2012. The project 'Transforming Service Operations with Field Automation' demonstrated the benefits that the collaborative solution brought to BT's internal field engineers and to end-customers as well.

I am very encouraged to see the benefits of collaboration between organizations which have traditionally been bound by a client-supplier relationship. It proves that the coming together of firms as partners for converting market opportunities and delighting the end-customer goes a long way in creating greater growth opportunities for both enterprises. With the case proven clearly in this example, I can see opportunities in other sectors which tend to draw parallels from the telecom sector -be it utilities, energy, transportation or any industry relying heavily on a field work force. And there's a lot more out there to go and grab even in today's economic climate. Tougher conditions demand smarter ways of solving problems! 

Thomas Edison once stated what continues to be an undying inspiration to many. . .He said, "There is a way to do it better... Find it." 

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