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August 28, 2012

Infosys recognized as one of the Achievers 50 Most Engaged Workplaces™ in the United States

Posted by Nandini S. (View Profile | View All Posts) at 6:37 AM

This annual award recognizes top employers showcasing leadership and innovation in engaging their employees. At Infosys, we've always understood that these practices are not just good for employees but the bottom line for us people managers.

In fact, just last week, when I came by Nandita's article about how Human Resources leaders can equip the department to truly deliver business value, I was particularly drawn to her views around the HR manager's role in employee engagement through periods of change management.

Just as the business invests in storyboarding a compelling corporate proposition that customers can identify with, I believe, the Human Resources organization, within enterprises, needs a great story to drive positive perceptions within the organization. This is especially critical during times of change management. In fact, companies that routinely break path and walk the road-less-taken have long since realized that it is their HR leaders who are best placed to help evangelize the transition from within.

So, what are the key steps that these HR professionals take to ensure employees are ready to embrace the organization's new strategy and add further value to the business?

  • They invest time and effort to help employees identify and appreciate the wisdom of the changed strategy, and its direct implications for them - both at the rational and emotional levels. For example, projected returns on current business strategies that will translate into bigger bonuses, or positive changes in their role profiles would have a rational appeal. Communicating near-term wins appropriately and consistently keeps the mood upbeat. In my experience, it resonates best when senior managers communicate these messages with honesty and empathy to the work force. But scripting that story that managers can confidently deliver is best done by competent HR professionals.
  • They ensure that employees - across ranks - are involved in a participative process that vests them with ownership of role-specific innovations and contributions to the execution of the new strategy. Without ownership of contribution, they won't own results either!
  • Everyone agrees it's best to "Recruit for attitude, and train for skills." Smart HR policies, especially during phases of change management, unfailingly reward both the right attitude and new skills acquired to drive the emerging new strategy.
  • Is it easy for employees to communicate with us? Do we have several listening ports instituted? Do we unfailing respond to employees with speed and sensitivity? If we can ask employees to put customers and the interests of the business first, are we not bound to put employees first? These questions have greater implications during times of change.

Finally, setting clear communication objectives and measurable outcomes not only makes the employee buy-in process clearly efficient, but helps articulate the HR organization's role and contribution in the enterprise scheme of things.

In fact, this is precisely what our business consultations advice as recipe for our clients, helping their workforce through change management, when their enterprise is in the throes of transformation.


Recruit for attitude,train for skills and give them ownership

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