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September 7, 2012

Unclog the IT Traffic Jam. And No Casualties.

Posted by Vishnu Bhat (View Profile | View All Posts) at 7:15 AM

Innovation@Infosys : Cloud ecosystem hub

There are many who believe that the technology organization has relapsed from driving or enabling business to being an impediment to it. This judgment, undoubtedly, stems from their frustration of being stonewalled by the tech -powers-that-be whenever they approach them with a challenging request. After all, which driven business leader can wait 6 weeks for let's say - an analytics program - however justified the timeline - when a product promo campaign is a less than a month away? 

In recent times, the Cloud has enabled business users to neatly sidestep the issue. Need applications, a digital payment platform, or heck, space to build and run a quick and dirty program? Buy it off the shelf at any leading public Cloud operator. Want higher computing capacity to tide you over the holiday season? Pick from half a dozen providers just swiping your credit card. At low cost, quick time, no fuss.  And the lumbering technology organization hasn't stood a chance. 
But what's made it worse is that business users, acting independent of IT, and of each other, have created a snarl of Cloud applications that neither speak to each other, nor to any other application in the enterprise. They've also inadvertently set off a time bomb that exposes organizations to unwarranted security, IP and compliance risks . How bad can it get? Well, according to analysts, a single U.S. government agency was found to have 20 running contracts with the same Cloud services provider! 
No prizes for guessing who has to sort out the mess. 
The good news is that this story now has an alternative happy ending in the form of a Cloud ecosystem hub. The hub is a pioneering solution, which enables organizations to build, manage and govern a unified hybrid Cloud environment. Private, public, on-premise, and everything in between. 

With full visibility and control over enterprise Cloud assets, courtesy the hub, the CIO and his organization are back in the driver's seat. At the same time, business also wins, because it can continue to pick and drop applications, infrastructure and processes through the Cloud ecosystem hub (with the CIO watching!) without putting the organization's technology equilibrium and security constructs at risk. Now, that means governance, but not at the cost of flexibility. 
What's the outlook for the Cloud ecosystem hub? I'm betting that it will not only transform IT, from on-premise to Cloud, but also makeover the IT organization, from roadblock to freeway. Just give it time. A little time. 

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