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September 28, 2012

Releasing Innovation. And How!

Posted by Sanjay Purohit (View Profile | View All Posts) at 9:00 AM

Confluence 2012, Monte Carlo. An ironically 'easy' setting for  discussions on tough-to-crack topics about innovation and business success in a difficult economic climate. And, there was a lot of that over the course of two days. Yes, times are tough. And enterprises have to play the cards they're dealt. However, with innovation, they could change their 'workable' strategies into a winning game plan - a thought that we explored in some detail over the course of two days.

Let's mull over that from a technology perspective. When business turns to technology to resolve a problem, it does one (or more) of three things: seek advice, buy applications, or engage services. Unfortunately, countless organizations have found, after investing months and hundreds of thousands of dollars, that there's little point to upfront consulting without downstream delivery. Products bring their own disappointments, because most are designed to perform a certain function or solve a certain problem, but in a certain way, which might not always sit well with the client's set up. And having to manage disparate relationships with a host of service providers - accountable for project completion not delivery of business results - quickly takes the sheen off outsourcing.

Now, what if enterprises found a technology partner willing to put their money where their mouth is, and follow through their consulting advice with seamless execution? What if there was a product or technology platform with nearly all the nuts and bolts in place, which could be tweaked under the direction of every enterprise to deliver on the exact business results the enterprise wanted...every time? What if a service provider unthought the existing paradigm to take complete charge of the services life-cycle, from testing to application development and management, to building and sustaining infrastructure? And made best-of-breed technology, domain expertise and world class processes all part of the deal. Wherever the enterprise needs it - on a private Cloud, public Cloud or at their premises. 

Wouldn't that open the doors to unthinkable possibility even in challenging times? Faster than market growth, an edge that's hard to beat, efficiencies of accruing value... all from releasing innovation.

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