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September 5, 2012

Infosys edge

Posted by Sanjay Purohit (View Profile | View All Posts) at 7:13 AM

Samson David - Head of Platforms, Infosys, gets candid about how platforms are re-defining the way for business

It's a world of growing complexity and changing dynamics. And, I often find many vexing challenges, that businesses face, stem from the fact that they must, on the one hand, add on new capabilities to adapt to change, and on the other rationalize these add-ons in the interests of organizational efficiency and operational simplicity. It's not difficult to see how sometimes this dual-agenda can create conflict.

That's why, when a client engages us to partner with them, to help achieve their goals, we first sieve their requirements and business aspirations through the Infosys "innovation framework". This is really a grid of 7 mega trends changing the game for organizations the world over. This framework helps us, and our clients, zero in on those areas of their business that'll respond with high-value returns when innovation investments are made. So, new capability acquisition, and the resources this demands, can be meaningfully prioritized.

Once this priority is established and the onward path is charted, we ensure our clients speed ahead. In fact, over the years, we have been preparing systematically exactly for this moment. We've crafting business solutions - platforms that combine the prowess of business consulting, applications, services, and process outsourcing. Each an assembly of reusable assets delivering differentiated context-specific business value; these can be co-tailored with clients and partners to rapidly address specific business needs. The result? Our clients don't just rely on IT services to adapt to change but leverage our business solutions to actually thrive with the change. 

So, recently, when I came upon Forrester's report on how IT service vendors and their clients can benefit from taking the asset-based approach and adopting product strategies, it seemed to echo to me Infosys boardroom conversations, from three years ago. Today, of course, that vision has already seeded a radical cultural change and every Infoscion understands that he/she is putting together pieces of the jigsaw - solving some of our clients' most pressing business challenges. And, building their tomorrow's enterprise today.

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