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September 21, 2012

Balancing Strategy and Execution, Globally

Posted by BG Srinivas (View Profile | View All Posts) at 8:07 AM

Recently we announced the acquisition of Lodestone, a global management consultancy firm headquartered in Zurich. This means we are now equipped, more strongly than ever before, to serve up deeper consulting offerings for our clients in Europe and the world over. The combination of our breadth of capabilities and Lodestone's extensive experience, of driving transformational change, will provide our clients a world-class team to accelerate transformation and innovation-led growth. But, for us, this journey to fortify our business transformation capabilities - so our clients can quickly identify trends, imagine new possibilities and create the means to disrupt the market - began almost a decade ago when we first saw a convergence of opportunities for us to make a difference.  Most leading consulting firms, then, had not globalized their business models, had not integrated technology and business value thinking, and had a shaky record of delivering results on engagements.  We decided to get right in and drive changes in the profession.                                   

And, to this day, this figures right on top of our agenda because we believe that transformational thinking made executable is the secret sauce for a successful business. In fact, more so today. Because enterprises need to be a whole lot more creative and inventive in order to handle the complex dynamics of business. Their ability to challenge status quo...to spark disruption...to strategically manage change - these are probably as important, if not more than management acumen and operational expertise.  

Are we, then, talking of helping our clients build a braver enterprise? I certainly think so. In an environment that is unforgiving of the slightest error, today's business has the unenviable mandate to place bigger bets, upend the norm, take calculated risks, act decisively despite uncertainty and emerge winning. Are we talking of partnering with them as they build a more open enterprise? Yes, again. More than ever, enterprises need to continually examine, modify and redirect their operations and business models, even those that are proven, because there's no guarantee that something that succeeded in the past will do so in the future. This calls for significant opening up - to new ideas, new people, new technologies, new partners, and above all, a new way of doing things perhaps even inspired by other industries. 

In fact, we are applying, to ourselves, these same prescriptions to wholeheartedly embrace change. We want to be the most respected firm for the business value we generate for clients for every dollar, euro, or pound they invest in a consulting engagement with us.  Whether it is through our co-creative partnering style, agile solutions to a client's business problem, or the creation of a best-in-the-industry talent pool, we are determined to discharge what we believe is our principal responsibility - to provide the transformational vision and an equal rigor of execution for our clients to emerge as winners. Because, our own strategy is simple: Build a business on the legacy of business value we generate for our clients.

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