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October 15, 2012

No Aspiration Beyond Respect

Posted by Srikantan Moorthy (View Profile | View All Posts) at 9:18 AM

Every once in a while, a young engineer fresh on the Infosys campus, pops this question -  "In the hierarchy of corporate aspiration, what comes at the top?" My answer is always the same - " In my book, it's respect." Because quest for respect is the enterprise's conscience keeper....the compass that ensures that all of the organization's efforts are always aligned in the right direction. And, when an organization is respected, it means that others realize the value of its existence; and they want it around. In many ways, this is the Infosys way of work and life

There are many ways to earn respect of course. A business enterprise can create a niche for itself through exceptional performance. Or by continuously breaking new ground as an innovator. And when these efforts are aligned to drive progress at large and become more relevant to society, respect is a natural outcome. But, in order to retain that respect, the enterprise will have to live its ideals through and through....inside out.. Which means lead by example inside out. Show respect...not just to clients and partners...but to each and every employee. And, if excellence and innovation are the business-side ticket to respect, in the case of people, I believe, it's training.

Train young professionals to acquire the skills they need to deliver their personal best, teach them to take pride in achieving that excellence, and watch them earn the respect of their peers. Train your people in human values, and see how they earn the respect of the organization. In effect, train your organization to work towards large goals - those that transcend self-interest, and rightfully claim the respect of society.


Nice and simple article which talks about Infosys' values which are digested by every Infoscion.

This article sums up the highest that an organization can truly aspire to. Beyond revenues, beyond every possible attainment, there beckons this golden word - 'respect'.

Thank you for marking such a simple point so eloquently.

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