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October 19, 2012

A Case for the Consumer Genome

Posted by Sandeep Dadlani (View Profile | View All Posts) at 10:58 AM

Sandeep Dadlani shares his views about the empowered digital consumer and the dynamics of consumer genome

To be meaningful, business aspirations must do justice to opportunity. That's simple enough to appreciate. But, the question of what prevents organizations from achieving these aspirations is tougher to answer. That's because, pat answers such as "budget" or "manpower" unravel pretty quickly under closer scrutiny. Barriers to realizing aspirations have many layers that need to be uncovered. And, the best place to look for answers is in those not-so-obvious places - such as complexity,  lack of agility and consumer intimacy. I think, that last one has potential to turn into a veritable goldmine.  

And, the first step to getting there is to identify and map the DNA of the potential customer - really understand the consumer genome.

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