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October 12, 2012

Respect is its own Reward

Posted by Ravi Kumar S. (View Profile | View All Posts) at 6:02 AM


Team Infosys with the Oracle Excellence Award for Specialized Partner of the Year - North America

Earlier last week, Infosys won the P&G GBS External Business Partner Excellence Award for 2012. An award recognizing just 6 GBS partners for their excellence during 2012. And this is the second consecutive year that Infosys has won this award - a very infrequent occurrence in the P&G GBS World. This same week, Oracle conferred a triple honor on Infosys by naming us Oracle Specialized Partner of the Year in Financial Management and Human Capital Management and jointly recognizing Infosys and Ricoh Europe, an Infosys Business Partner, with an Oracle Excellence Award: Eco-Enterprise Innovation.

This set me thinking about how enterprises vie for glory. And an interesting analogy comes to my mind. It's about how China turned a significant contender for those coveted Olympic medals this year. From counting on just individual brilliance in games like badminton and table tennis, a few years ago, they began focusing on non-traditional sport like rowing and shooting. They, then, brought to bear strict discipline, sophisticated training and world-class coaches to tilt the scales in their favour.  It was not just 38 golds, 27 silvers and 22 bronze medals, that China carted away this year. It was also the world's respect.  In some ways, the business of winning and then sustaining respect, for enterprises, is not unlike the 'China-at-the-Olympics' affair. 

But my thoughts specifically around Infosys are best described in the words of one of our long-standing clients who, rather articulately, once explained why he believes Infosys is different from other consulting and technology providers. He referred to it as our "special sauce" brewed from: 

Hunger - our ferocious desire to get the job done; Failure is simply not an option
Humility - the most humble company he's worked with        
Honor - we do what we promise; The meaning of a handshake may have changed over time, but not for Infosys
Heart - going above and beyond what is expected
Humanity - caring about our fellow beings 

Yes, I take pride and delight in these triumphs; who wouldn't?  But what makes me happiest, is that these awards symbolize the respect we've earned with our partners in business. And. it is this quest for respect, I believe, that's guided our actions to get us to where we stand today; this is at the heart of who we are and what we do - A thriving global enterprise that puts real client value above quick fix-its; leverages technological prowess for the greater good; and exemplifies values through actions. That's why, it gives me a high to strive to sustain this respect of our stakeholders every day I come to office.

Now, that in itself, is a reward I so treasure.


This is an excellent narrative on Infosys' quest for respect. The founding fathers of Infosys engrained and etched this "value" in the DNA of each of the Infoscions and the "pursuit of respect" explains most of the reasons why Infosys is ahead of the competition.

Relative performance in one or two quarters does not really matter in the long run and what matters most is the deeply embedded values like honour and respect that Infosys aspires for.

Honour is an attribute which great institutions like the US Army give a lot of weightage to and the lives of some of the greatest US Generals revolves around honour. Like them the leaders at Infosys are the 'Men of Honour' and this is what matters to them the most.

And I strongly believe this is one attribute, the quest for which will keep Infosys flag flying high in the years to come....

The effort put in by a winner and a runner's up is not very different... What differentates is the winning mindset, the focus and the ability to step up the game.
To win three awards in Oracle truly demonstrates that.

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