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October 4, 2012

Musings from Oracle Open World

Posted by Sandeep Dadlani (View Profile | View All Posts) at 9:54 AM


    S.D Shibulal, CEO, Infosys delivering the keynote address                             Infosys at Oracle Open World

Serendipity. I have always found this word and its connotation of possibility rather intriguing. The implicit promise of a happy accident waiting to happen is so exciting. Shibu's presentation, yesterday, at Oracle Open World made me think of this word again. Citing some of the defining moments in modern history - such as the discovery of penicillin, the invention of the airplane, and the spinning of the World Wide Web - he observed that these big bang discoveries were the result of relatively small advances, acclaimed as seminal ideas only in hindsight, after they had changed the world.Historically, individuals and then research labs have been the hotbed of groundbreaking thought. But in this day and age, such events are continuously simmering within enterprises in the form of conversations, insights and ideas - sometimes as yet unrecognized - yet waiting to break free and bring about radical progress.

Indeed, corporations are driving radical progress in three ways - by innovating with products and processes; designing new and better customer experiences; and reinventing their business models. All, without losing sight of their implicit contract with society, a contract which binds them to act in the long term interest of the community, of the environment, and of sustainability. Today, more than ever, when I look at Infosys, I can see that some of our small steps are, in reality, determined ideas that are paving new path. I can clearly envisage some of these creating truly enriching experiences. And radical progress -  the kind which not only benefits the organization but also the lives of people around us. In fact, several of our clients, at the event, spoke about some of our most innovative work. One of them - Ricoh - actually told the story of how, helped by Infosys, they reduced their carbon footprint by 85%! Audi created a snazzy new digital consumer experience in London and Underwriters Laboratories has completely transformed themselves to help manage product safety for all of us.

Being at that presentation yesterday. Serendipity.

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