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October 24, 2012

Sky in the Eye

Posted by Simon Towers (View Profile | View All Posts) at 12:56 PM

" I am the eye in the sky - Looking at you - I can read your mind." From Eye in the Sky, by The Alan Parsons Project.

If there's a silver lining to the invasion of privacy, it is that it has inspired iconic works. But I'll bet that neither George Orwell - author of the dark classic "Nineteen Eighty Four" about state surveillance - nor Alan Parsons imagined that the invasion could go so far, or be so good. Or that a day would come when people would willingly allow an object to tell them who they are and what to do.

For make no mistake, that's where we're headed with pervasive computing. That's a rather intimidating term for what's really a gentle philosophy - which is, that intelligence can make even the humblest device a star. So, an intelligent wristband can track your activity level and wake you when you've had the right amount of sleep; a pill with a digestible sensor  can remind you to take your medicines; a billboard can discern who's walking past it (without actually identifying the person) and flash the right advertisement... the list goes on. And get a load of this! The biggest names in computing are now in a race to perfect intelligent eyewear, which can display data at a voice command. There's even a contact lens version in the making, literally bringing the sky in the eye.

George, Alan, now did you see that coming?

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