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December 26, 2012

Is Fruitful Partnering Measurable?

Posted by Sanjay Dalwani (View Profile | View All Posts) at 6:05 AM

For transformation partner-client relationships to deliver on the enterprise-transformation agenda, beyond trust and proven skills, there needs to be a strong foundation of alignment and synergies around what the measures of success and business value are. But above all, there needs to be a shared vision of how the partnership will help the client enterprise prepare for tomorrow. This view is reaffirmed, every time a client trusts a vendor partner to join force through their next business mission. To me, that is the recognition of a vendor's true perceived partner-value born from their ability to help the client enterprise achieve their business goals through innovation, operational efficiency and winning market moves.

And, this is of how I measure the efficacy of our partnership role too.

Transformation partnering - the whole thing is getting tougher in this age of high uncertainty, where every business unit and function within the corporation has a different interpretation of the environment, and a different game plan for surviving it. As the enterprise battles with market uncertainty, the last thing it needs is a partner unable to help all these functions converge at a common meeting point, or worse, pulling in a whole new direction. On the other hand, a partner, who proposes an agenda to win in the here and now, ensures enterprise-wide alignment to this immediate agenda, but has a view to develop it into the organization's blueprint for tomorrow, works like a transformation catalyst.

That's not all. Partnering is also about shouldering the responsibility for executing this plan. Like the little boy who cried wolf, there are only so many chances to get away with saying something on which one doesn't or can't follow through. A partner can get a reputation mighty quickly for making all the promises in the world, when it comes to strategy, but not delivering on any of them. And this, in an era of rapid technology evolution and resultant risk of business process and model obsolescence, is no mean task. In addition to market understanding and business savvy, the transformation partner must also bring technological excellence to the partnership. So that clients can leverage technology to its full innovative and transformative potential, not merely use it as a tool of automation or efficiency. And, yet, drive the organization's day-to-day efficiency and productivity agenda, while looking at a tomorrow-plan that includes priorities like non-linear growth and scale.

So, when we are entrusted with that second, third and even fourth business transformation project from the same client, for the results we deliver...when repeat business is our mainstay...we accept this honor with pride, we reaffirm our commitment to our clients - that we will spare no effort in helping them transform their business, accelerate innovation and improve efficiency as they evolve into tomorrow's enterprises. It's what makes our day.

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