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December 21, 2012

Making Organizational Change Work

Posted by Rajashekara V. Maiya (View Profile | View All Posts) at 6:35 AM

The way we define business transformation can differ; but strategic enterprise-wide change programs that have a significant impact on the business typically go by that name. Such programs tend to focus on leveraging opportunities created by existing and changing markets, increasing efficiencies on a domestic or global plane; and creating fertile grounds for pro-growth strategies. Transformation can take two shapes; The first entails fundamental one-time change that generates a disruptive impact on business. These 'big bang' programs usually involve external players and majorly impact significant portions of the business across functions. Then there are those transformation programs that generate sustained but incremental improvement, creating cross functional performance improvement often including technology re-platforming.

Whatever the transformation type, it's non-negotiable that the change program delivers the intended returns. And it's the people-factor that often plays that make-or-break role. It's important to ask some critical questions early on in the program execution phase: Are employees really engaged in implementing or accepting the change introduced by the transformation program? Is this employee-connect a metric that's being tracked on leaders' dashboards? Is the transformation partner, engaged to drive the program, adequately equipped in skill and confidence to support this agenda? Leaders can ensure they understand and guide employee sentiment by monitoring their behavior regularly - not just during and after change implementation - but as early as the phase through which transformation is strategized. 

Because, if it's your organization's success that is its raison d'être, shouldn't the success-makers - your people - be the biggest and strongest champions of the transformation?

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