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January 25, 2013

When Innovation takes on a Mission

Posted by Subu Goparaju (View Profile | View All Posts) at 3:51 PM

Sometimes, an idea, simple though it may be, can single-handedly change the way the world works. It can empower economies to put payment systems into the hands of the unbanked millions. Enable global corporations to reduce energy footprints. Or even positively impact basic human development fundamentals like healthcare, sanitation and education. Sometimes, one doesn't even, at first, notice the positive evolution set off by these powerful innovations. And yet they change the world. One conversation. One insight. One inspiration at a time.

That is what we want to achieve as part of the Sankalp initiative, formed in support of the United Nations Secretary-General's Every Woman Every Child Movement. Sankalp, formed last year has 50 members belonging to government, private sector and the social sector from India. My team and I feel privileged to be part of it. All of us partners have committed to work together to prevent 200,000 child diarrheal deaths in India by 2015.
Technology plays a significant role in an initiative like this - from enhancing accessibility to the program to scaling it, building greater efficiency and amplifying its benefits globally. Most importantly, it brings together the like-minded like never before. My team has worked closely with the Health Unbound team in United Nations Foundation and MDG Health Alliance and has built an innovation co-creation engine to bring all partners together. More than 50 stakeholders from governments, non-government organizations, academic and research institutions, corporations and communities of faith are committed to the Sankalp initiative, and they will use this platform to share videos of best practices, to test new ideas, to challenge existing ideas and to co-design solutions. And more importantly form new connections.
I am at Davos and will be unveiling this platform with the UN teams. I will share more details soon. Let the Sankalp, which in Sanskrit means "take a pledge", be fulfilled.


I am happy to be part of Sankalp initiative and contributing to it in a small way. Hope all the partners start using the platform to forge new ideas and solutions.

All the very best'

Nice to learn about Sankalp and that we are contributing to it. Being part of a social cause is touching, also from technology aspect building a colaboration platform looks interesting and challenging.

Nice initiative

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