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January 30, 2013

Sharing the Innovation Spirit with AstraZeneca

Posted by Suryaprakash K. (View Profile | View All Posts) at 4:55 AM

Sam Covell, Head of IS Procurement, AstraZeneca

Being a global service provider with a domain appreciation, we service clients across continents and verticals. We are accustomed to working with enterprises from across verticals that subscribe to various ideologies. Every once in a while we come across a company that sees the world in much the same way that we do. And the ideologies, that our two organizations share, make working together uniquely fruitful. One such company is the pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca - where synergies are established along the 3Cs - Courage, Collaboration and Creativity - driving the value system on which execution was founded.  In a manner of speaking, we're both in the innovation business.

It wasn't that long ago that we began skill supplementation to support AstraZeneca's internal Information Systems. But as the IT landscape got vaster and more complex, both efficiency and effectiveness came under the scanner.  The Information Systems organization had to be reinvented to create and deliver end-customer delight.  We sensed the opportunity to move our outsourcing model to one founded on outcome-based services backed by flawless service and continual innovation. Today, the partnership has matured to a state where we are co-creating platforms for critical business functions that will help AstraZeneca in their increasing collaboration with partners from academia, other bio-technology firms, CRO firms and even other pharma companies.

I believe, this is indeed a telling example of optimizing efficiencies, technology-led business transformation, and injected innovation.  

In fact, Our Building Tomorrow's Enterprise framework provides insight on how enterprises can do this, as part of a structured plan, to thrive in this changing world and stay ahead of the course. As a strategic partner, we aim to enable these leaps and bounds that will make this possible for them. And we evolve our offerings to help our clients proactively give their customers exactly what they want. 

That's why, for instance, we've taken careful note of how the business value of outsourcing has been radically re-engineered over the past few years. What started out as a traditional model of cost and convenience has transformed into a strategic tool to drive business imperatives like innovation and growth. Technologies like the Cloud have converged the hitherto distinct practices of IT infrastructure management and application development into a potent singularity. Our offerings, in this arena, have also evolved to deliver smarter IT operations, smarter applications and smarter infrastructure that guarantee greater measurable business results. From just enabling businesses, these are geared to help the technology organization recast itself as a true partner to business. By taking a stake in business through accountability; by opening up to new partnerships; and above all, by believing that this is the role that must be played - shifting from outsourcing to outcome sourcing. 

In my view, this working side-by-side as equal contributors...this sharing of the larger business vision, and this commitment to deliver not just services and projects but results that can be measured on realization...all of this is a part of being real partners in innovation.

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