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February 8, 2013

Testing Times Need More than Time-Tested Actions

Posted by Manish Tandon (View Profile | View All Posts) at 5:31 AM


Infosys in TIME       [Source: http://www.timeincreprints.com/]

Business lore has it that the LED might never have been invented had a Japanese corporation not pulled the plug on a blue light-emitting diode project. This only steeled the resolve of genius innovator Shuji Nakamura who secretly persisted, despite budgetary obstacles and laboratory explosions.

History is replete with the story of maverick leaders who were spurred to success by those who didn't see it their way.  These leaders are the greater for it because they dared to dream against all odds, break the rules, and disrupt a tangible today to build an unknown tomorrow.  They knew they could fail, but they took their chances. Many were motivated not by considerations of personal gain but by a sense of responsible leadership, a belief that it was their job as a leader to light new pathways when the old ones were overgrown.  

Many a times I think that we are in a similar situation today. These are challenging times for businesses all over the world , definitely for the Indian IT and India Inc.. During the past year, we, like many others missed or revised downward our performance targets on more than one occasion. And even as we do everything within our power to build business, our efforts are slowly but surely bearing fruit. And yet, our sights are set not just on the next quarter. For, as a respected leader, we believe that we also have a responsibility towards the future - a future that cannot be sustained by continuing on the trodden path

Relentless innovation - this is the core philosophy underlying our vision for Infosys 3.0. On the face of it, by directing our resources to products, platforms and consulting, we are veering off the tried and tested route of IT services. As usual, there has been no shortage of detractors, questioning our focus on high investment, high skill businesses, when there's quick money to made at the other end. While we respect and understand their views, we believe that it is time for us to raise the game and build long lasting value. And creating Intellectual Property that's "made in India" is an important part of that agenda.


Thoughtful and provides great insight into the need of change to define the way forward for the industry. It reminds me a great say of Socrates – If we do what we have done, we always get what we have got – to change the outcome – we have to change the way we do !

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