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February 22, 2013

Around Half the World in Eight Hours. What's Next?

Posted by Sandeep Dadlani (View Profile | View All Posts) at 2:35 AM

Infosys Celebrates Cross-Listing on NYSE Euronext London and NYSE Euronext Paris 

Breaking new ground has always been familiar territory for Infosys. 

After all, we invented the Global Delivery Model; we were among the first companies to create salaried millionaires back home in India; and the first to dot the Country with office campuses that are more like resorts than staff work spaces. In fact, one of these campuses hosts the world's largest corporate university. 

But, becoming the first Indian IT company to list on NYSE Euronext London? Well, that's an achievement quite in another league and a happy privilege too.

As I watched our very own Shibu - ring the opening and closing bells at two bourses on two continents on the same day, it was impossible not to feel incredibly proud and a wee bit nostalgic. Has it really been over 3 decades since the Infosys co-founders first shared their dreams and plotting strategies on a kingly capital base of US$ 250?! From those humble beginnings to a multi billion-dollar global corporation, it's been an incredible journey. A journey that we are proud and delighted to share as the Infosys family of employees, partners and stakeholders; a journey that would never have come to be had not been for so many people worked tirelessly to build the best solutions; set the highest standards; follow the loftiest ideals; and pursue the wildest dreams. 

To every Infosys client and partner, to all my friends and colleagues at Infosys I say, "dream on!"


Congratulations Infosys. Continue living your dream!

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