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February 18, 2013

A Jury of Our Peers Is The Toughest Judge

Posted by Sanjay Purohit (View Profile | View All Posts) at 4:46 AM


(Left) Samson David receiving the NASSCOM Business Award for Infosys Edge™ and (Right) Vishnu Bhat receiving the Golden Peacock Innovative Product / Service Award for Infosys Cloud Ecosystem Hub 

What is it about being judged by our peers that's so important? These days a global corporation operates in countless markets and, if it does an exemplary job, it receives accolades every now and then from the people and organizations with which it does business. Yet, there's really no substitute for being honored by the folks you know.  Perhaps it's because they're the ones who scrutinize our accomplishments the most and are quickest to tell us when they think we've stumbled or haven't met their high standards. It's no wonder that Hollywood celebrities say that awards that come from their fellow screen actors mean the most to them. It's why sports teams face their toughest critics in their hometown newspapers. It's why for a thousand years of practice in common law, a man is judged by a jury of his peers for the verdict to carry legitimacy.
Why am I thinking about playing to the home crowd? Because Infosys recently won two major awards. On their own, winning each award would be sufficient reason to stand on the highest hill and shout for all to hear. (Or, even better, to publish this post.) But in both cases, the awards are extra special because they come from the toughest judges we know of - the talented men and women in the über-competitive Indian information technology arena. Winning these awards is kind of like what Sinatra sang about making it as a showman in New York City: If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.
The first honor is the Golden Peacock award for the most innovative product of 2012. Infosys garnered the honor for the Cloud Ecosystem Hub, the first solution that helps enterprises run a unified hybrid Cloud environment. The hub has transformed businesses by helping them accelerate their time-to-market with Cloud services by up to 40 percent. This latest of Infosys innovations is helping companies around the world improve productivity and achieve across-the-board cost savings. 
Infosys is an enormous organization that has a hand in so many areas of technology and business at any given point in time. But to me, the Cloud Ecosystem Hub is a sterling example of what makes our company unique. It's a product that was first conceived as a way to help us help our clients achieve their Cloud-led ambitions. The fact that we're getting honored for paving the way ahead for so many other organizations today should tell you something about our corporate DNA and mission.
The second honor is no less prestigious. And it's also another fine example of what drives us all in this company. The National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom) singled out Infosys Edge during the organization's India Leadership Forum in Mumbai last week. This innovative suite of business platforms "edged" out more than 400 other entrants; Nasscom cited Edge's originality, business viability, scalability, innovation, R&D investments, and overall impact on the industry as reasons for its first-place honor. Infosys Edge is delivered on the Cloud and helps enterprises respond to market needs that are driven by global trends like digital consumers, smarter organizations, emerging economies, and even sustainability. And the annual Nasscom award recognizes a company that makes innovation a part of its organizational DNA. 

But don't take my word for it: The winner was selected after three rounds of rigorous evaluation by a jury of eminent business leaders and venture capitalists. A jury of our peers, if you will. It's why both awards mean so much in validating our innovation journey.

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