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April 24, 2013

Driving Innovation

Posted by Rohit Kedia (View Profile | View All Posts) at 10:06 AM

Source: MotorNews: Connected Cars  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFPZacjQR64

Take a stroll around an auto show the next time one's in your city. What you'll find is that some of the most powerful personal computers now come with leather bucket seats. I'm talking about car connectivity. It's the idea that the automobile is yet another way to connect to the world around us via the Internet. Where our lives - digitally, at least - play out on various platforms. Make no mistake: Car telephones have been around for decades. Satellite navigational systems are nothing new. But automotive internet connectivity is entering a new, exciting phase.

Consumers are driving that shift in the automotive industry. They expect context, continuity and consistency across the digital world regardless of when and where they consume content. On your laptop, your smart phone or in your car, everything must look and feel the same, and your gadgets must know where you left off and where to pick up from again as you seamlessly shift from one device to another. This is often taken for granted even. Significant advancements in connectivity, cloud technology and software convergence have made unified digital consumption possible.  It's no surprise then that cars are now connected to the Internet, and drivers want to consume content the same way they do with their other devices, in their 'connected cars'. However this is easier said than done.

Enabling the 'connected car' requires disparate industries such as high-tech, telecommunications and automotive to come together to provide innovative consumer-centric solutions. In addition it also needs a telematics ecosystem integrator to bring together multi-disciplinary technical expertise in Cloud, Engineering and Mobility. Infosys has extensive experience in bringing together exactly these competencies along with cross industry experience to deliver new and innovative capabilities to its clients. Our solution enables digital convergence in vehicles, creating delightful experiences for drivers while also addressing safety concerns. The key benefits of the solution are immersive user experience - from registration to provisioning to how user preferences are factored; Dynamic human-machine interface integrated with controls such as voice recognition and steering-wheel controls to minimize driver distraction; And an integrated in-vehicle Cloud-based platform that recognizes the user and pushes preferred settings onto the vehicle.

We are also working with leading end to end solution providers, in the automotive sector, to develop compelling products in the usage-based insurance space. Low cost, easy to use, and having high underwriting value these will  usher in innovation into the market. These solutions will measure driving behavior, create mechanisms for transmitting this data to cloud based platforms via smart phones, and provide a complete picture of driving habits for insurance companies to assess and manage premium. 

In a bygone era, consumers flocked to auto shows to see cool engines and drivetrains. They were awed by how each new model could get them to places more quickly, safely, and comfortably. Consumers still go to auto shows of course. But they're also getting to see how advances in the field of car connectivity are taking drivers anywhere they wish to be - in the blink of an eye.


Loved reading it.

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