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April 29, 2013

Scouting Out the Next Batch of Infoscions

Posted by Sanjay Dalwani (View Profile | View All Posts) at 7:16 AM


The Infosys Foundation recently had the pleasure of recognizing two Google Fellows for their accomplishments, much of which laid the groundwork for what we know today as cloud computing. Our company and its charitable foundation are always looking to foster education and innovation wherever it might be.

So it was with great interest, the other day, that I read about an event in America: the annual White House Science Fair. President Obama got to see some of his country's top science projects from children around the United States. One such innovation was a stationary bicycle that's hooked up to a filter that removes deadly pathogens from water. Someone riding the bike can use it during an emergency - when, presumably, electricity is unavailable - to produce clean water. Peddling hard enough, as the president did, allows you to filter clean water for up to 30 people during a 15-hour period. The students told the president that they got the idea when they watched earthquake victims on the news. One of the things that such victims lacked during major emergencies is clean, potable water, they said.

Another invention was a new kind of algae that the student told the president she had developed in her bedroom. Obama's response: "You have very supportive parents."

The White House Science Fair is just one of several events around the globe that showcases the collective, innovative power of the world's young population. It is this same rationale that drives Infosys to continue to be committed to helping communities and schools identify bright students and to equip them with tools that can bring their ideas to life.

I don't know if our founder, Mr. Murthy, will read this post, but if he does, I suspect he'll think - from amongst those bright kids - he could scout for some of the next-generation potential Infoscions.

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