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April 3, 2013

Targeting the Right App - the Secret to Success

Posted by Gopal Devanahalli (View Profile | View All Posts) at 4:41 AM

There are two types of people in this world: The no-frills type and the bells & whistles type. I've always said that we'd like for our friends and colleagues to think we're no-frills at heart. But let's be realistic: Deep down, most of us are in the bells & whistles camp. We're people who want our new car to be equipped with satellite navigation and a keyless entry system. We scour stores to find the coolest gadgets and the fanciest equipment for our homes. And yes, we consume amazing apps that dazzle the senses, including those that allow us to experience TV shows, movies, music, sports and lifestyle videos from top magazines such as Conde' Nast Traveler, on our tablets, PCs, X-box and televisions at the same time. In fact, The Wall Street Journal recently reported that the business of writing and selling applications for PCs alone is on its way to becoming a $25 billion a year industry. That's a lot of bells & whistles!

This thriving market naturally lures innovative companies to put out many new apps that can monetize their digital assets. How does a consumer discover and experience all this great material? Two common methods have been - Google Play or the Apple App Store. Now there's something more innovative.

Infosys engineers have created the Flypp "Digital Experience Platform". Easy-to-use multi-screen interface on tablets, smartphones, PC and TV, great graphics, workflows to onboard digital services and first-rate software powering it....really it has got it all. And Flypp also rethinks the digital ecosystem and the role of apps to enable an entire value-chain for enterprises across industries. Imagine a retailer creating a suite of apps for customers providing an omni-channel experience across the retail store, mobile, online, social and TV! In fact, an ecosystem of apps focused on creating specialized digital services for employees, clients, and partners is now possible.  

The success of Flypp also calls attention to the growing importance of the "bring your own device" philosophy. In the near future, we're less likely going to segment our lives by our work computer during the day, laptop during the evening, and smart phone during the commute between home and office. There will be one device that we'll use for any and every aspect of our daily pursuits. That's why it's more important to have a platform that segments app offerings by user rather than by device.

A recent report about the benefits of drilling down into how an organization monetizes apps mentions a cable operator in Europe leveraging Flypp to launch OTT (Over the Top) video apps on TV and companion devices like tablets, in partnership with top content providers. That enables a whole new video-centric experience around lifestyles while driving a new wave of monetization via integrated brand advertising and commerce. Then, what about the critics who say that for every killer app - whether it's the ubiquitious Angry Birds or a convenient check deposit tool - there are hundreds of thousands of useless trinkets floating around cyberspace and taking precious memory from our terminals? To them I say: This is another reason we should be rethinking the app ecosystem to play a pivotal role in value chain enablement and digital asset monetization for the enterprise. 

So the next time you discover an app so good that you're convinced your life will never be the same, think about the possibility that there are thousands more waiting to be downloaded. That's why an organization should be thinking not only about their apps in the context of an online store, but also about an app-driven approach to an ecosystem in which the enterprise, its value chain partners and consumers congregate.

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