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September 2, 2013

Not what you can, but what you want

Posted by Suman Sasmal (View Profile | View All Posts) at 9:58 AM

The Most Innovative Company of the Future [Source:salesforce http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-JtJIZJlAI]

As a seasoned technology professional, you've been part of its dramatic evolution. You've also witnessed the changes in IT outsourcing paradigm - from "your mess for less" to business value creation to business transformation. Accordingly, you probably started out outsourcing a monolith of IT operations, until you discovered a better, modular way. Over the years, you have disaggregated your organization's portfolio, sliced it perhaps along a three dimensional grid, with Business Processes, Applications and Infrastructure forming the first axis, Execution Processes the second, and Functions or Lines of Business the third. This has enabled you to hand out logical, manageable parts of your business to the right partner, picked out from a global landscape of service providers. The result - services sourced in modules, which are optimized for efficiency, innovation and flexibility. In other words, you have not just cut cost through outsourcing, but more importantly, you have also served holistic enterprise goals.

But even so, do you find yourself wondering if the services you're outsourcing are the right ones? Are they clubbed and structured the right way?

Well, now the IT outsourcing paradigm is becoming more rounded in a way that closes these service gaps. I'll explain that with an example. Say a retailing company has hired a vendor to build a queue management application for its stores. It has also asked its regular infrastructure management services vendor to test the application. And that's where the responsibility of these vendors ends. From there on, everything else, which is required to deploy the application, such as validating the infrastructure which will run the application, is the company's responsibility, one that will cost it valuable time, effort and in-house IT resources.

Given this, we're seeing the emergence of a select band of outsourcing companies that assume total responsibility for core infrastructure services, as well as services at the seams - be it validation or testing or risk diagnostics or disaster preparedness evaluation. Because, the focus is clearly on realizing business value from use of the App without much ado about the underlying infrastructure. Therefore the approach is a lot more holistic and integrated today. What's more, it is possible to avail the option of buying these using the "as a service" model.

Which means not only can you source services you never could before, you can do so faster, cheaper, and with no fuss.


please let me see a competency to target service delivery centers that can break down boundaries and simplify collaboration around the world. Thank you for the opportunity to tell you I am thinking in the same way for the near future seems the best period for innovation in management.

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