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September 6, 2013

Helping Clients See Around Corners

Posted by Soundararajan S (View Profile | View All Posts) at 10:33 AM

It is difficult for someone born in the 90s to imagine a world without the Internet, smart phones, ebooks and global supply chains. The level of technological change seen in the last 20 years is unparalleled in human history barring, possibly, the industrial revolution. We live in a brave new world where there are more transistors produced every year than the number of rice grains consumed. Information travels fast and is always a mouse-click away while sheer processing capabilities have improved more than a thousand fold... remember the shiny new 1990s laptops with their 50MHz processors?

The last two decades have also witnessed fundamental changes in business models, the market environment and shareholder expectations. The ability to identify and react to market trends is key for organizations to succeed and thrive. Continuous innovation is not a choice, it is about survival. That's why it is important for technology providers to prepare to perform as key partners collaborating with clients in future-proofing their businesses. Helping them transform their business models, make it more efficient and also create new revenue opportunities through collaboration and co-creation.

While it's important to strengthen innovation rigor in defining "research spaces" and investing in building Intellectual Property that can be leveraged to accelerate innovation for clients, it is also about the ability to be bold in painting a picture of what one's view of the future is and collaborating with clients when responding effectively to that picture. In the 80s movie, 'Back to the Future II', a central character uses a sports almanac from the future to build an empire from gambling wins. But, until someone invents that time machine, it's up to each of us to look out for clients .... to guide them and arm them with what it takes to respond to what's around the corner.

Because the very best friend that tomorrow's enterprise can have is the right technology and business partner - today.

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