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June 11, 2014

Why We Won the Alsbridge Innovation Award?

Posted by Sanjeev Arya (View Profile | View All Posts) at 6:23 AM

Ian Chatfield, Customer Experience Director, Openreach Service talks about this engagement

"Think fast." That's what you would say to your team if you are the head coach trying to win a tight game. In a different context, that is what an executive wants her colleagues to do when dealing with customers - especially the unhappy ones.

Customer service and engagement is probably the most important and yet the most overlooked aspect of a company's operations. It is a good example of why innovation must begin at an organization's lowermost level (with customer service agents) in order to have the most lasting effects on a company. Not everything, you see, in an organization can trickle down. Innovation must also travel up the chain.

We're proud to have received the Alsbridge Innovation Award for the Openreach Customer Service Seamless Desktop Program. Alsbridge is a consultancy in Great Britain that helps clients with outsourcing, off-shoring, and shared services. Alsbridge recognized Infosys for two client engagements, with Openreach and with Procter & Gamble. For now let me say a little bit more about the award for Openreach.

British Telecom (BT) uses Openreach to make connections to tens of millions of its customers across the country. On any given day, Openreach has 33,000 employees on the field installing and maintaining the company's vast infrastructure of data, broadband, television, and voice services. The contact center agents of Openreach, who are the knowledge backbone of the field agents, deal with over 40 different systems, all of which must be synchronized to provide the right information at all times. With such high levels of complexity, sometimes things can go wrong. BT wanted a customer service call center system that could manage the complexity of its offerings and speed up response times to customers. That's when Seamless Desktop was born.

The company worked with Infosys to develop a program, with AssistEdge at its core, to unify the information that customer service agents access in a typical trouble-shooting interaction. In this way, AssistEdge transformed each call into a targeted, efficient interface with the customer. The customer service agents now spend a lot less time clicking between systems because they had everything on one dashboard. .

Fragmentation costs money. And time. By investing with Infosys, Openreach now saves both - allowing its staff to focus on more value-added activities. This result in staff with higher morale, open to innovating with every task they complete.

We all know how Artificial Intelligence is a field of research yielding significant results. I think that a product like AssistEdge within a corporate call center is somewhat like a prototype to such possibility. It takes several pieces of disparate information and blends them together in such a way that during every customer interaction the customer receives quick response and the organization learns from each interface.

Think fast, indeed. We're innovating from the ground up and improving a client's operations with each and every interaction. And this is another reason why Infosys is proud to have won its latest Alsbridge Innovation Award.

With inputs from and engagement excellence with the client by Shobhit Bhatt (Senior Manager, BT Account Team) and Prantik Dasgupta (Product Manager, AssistEdge)

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