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April 30, 2015

Confluence 2015: Inspiring Us To Be More

Posted by Sumit Virmani (View Profile | View All Posts) at 12:29 PM


The energy here is so palpable that one can almost touch it. The buzzing precincts of San Francisco Marriott Marquis suddenly seem incredibly electric. Nearly 800 delegates, including our clients from around the world, industry analysts, advisors and our ecosystem partners are gathered here, for Infosys Confluence 2015, to deliberate, discuss and debate how technology can make it possible for all of us to push the limits, make our businesses stronger and do all that we can imagine. Indeed, Be More.

While this overwhelming participation and celebration stands testimony to the three-decade strong relationship we've forged with our stakeholders, there's certainly more to it. I believe it is the dialogue Infosys has started about the new next-generation business challenges that these industry leaders are trying to get their arms around. Enterprises today continue to be challenged by the traditional concerns around efficiency and growth, while at the same time, they are witnessing fundamentally new kinds of problems for which there are no best practices yet. Infosys recently embarked on a journey to address these dual concerns through the Renew-New strategy. The renewal of the known - bringing massive, transformational improvements to our traditional services by bringing continuous innovations through automation, repeatability and AI. And simultaneously, focusing our creativity and imagination on the unknown - completely new kinds of solutions, open-source based, next-generation elastic platforms to solve the new kinds of problems. In other words, be the next-generation technology services provider. And what better place to see all this innovation in action than at Infosys Confluence 2015!

I suspect the magic of this day also has something to do with the incredible opening keynote by General Colin Powell, Former United States Secretary of State. A self-made man who climbed the highest echelons of the U.S. army and the government, Powell explained the role of leadership in unravelling some of the knottiest challenges of our times. Drawing from his experiences in the US Army, he reinforced how leadership is not as much about the leader as much as it is about the followers, and how trust plays a crucial role as we focus on inventing great futures for ourselves and others. This is indeed a timely message for all of us who have started on this incredible journey of being more - together.
The next two days will unfold an impressive lineup of keynotes, panel discussions, and solution showcases - all examining various dimensions of the next-generation services model - being digital, the entrepreneurial mindset, amplifying efficiency, pain-free transformation, among others.
But this gathering is not only about business and more business. Because Infosys and many of our client partners believe in learning for life and hold that technology and learning can greatly amplify human potential. After all, every day we all see how computing technology can improve an average person's ability to be more productive. Through the Infosys Foundation USA and the NGO 'Hack the Hood', a hackathon was flagged off today for youngsters from under-represented communities. Tomorrow, these youngsters will hack away and show the world that lack of resources, exposure, prior skills and STEM proficiency are no longer barriers for individuals seeking to advance their computer programming skills.
What a perfect start to Confluence 2015!

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