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January 6, 2016

Happy New Year, Indeed!

Posted by Krishnamurthy Shankar (View Profile | View All Posts) at 11:25 AM

Last year was a good one for Infosys. We clocked a smart increase in revenues over the previous financial year. We brought a number of new companies - Panaya, Skava, Kallidus, to name a few - into the Infosys family. We also featured prominently in most major analyst ratings.  Now, 2016 has begun on a great note with Infosys being ranked second in BusinessWorld's list of 'Most Respected Companies', close on the heels of Google India.
While these accolades undoubtedly make us proud and motivate us to higher heights, they are not the object of conscious pursuit at Infosys. For even amidst these achievements, our focus remains on getting a bit better, on going that extra mile, on bringing that next idea that can make a real difference to life. For us, the status quo is always under question; we're always in the hunt for the next big problem to solve for our clients. This is the essence of the Zero Distance philosophy that drives us - to get closer and closer to clients' needs and expectations till there is no separation between what they need (and sometimes it may not consciously be what they want...or what their brief to us comprises) and what they get.
In 2015, when we articulated our belief in Zero Distance, we also put forth a simple innovation framework to turn that vision into reality. We Infoscions have internalized this framework - look and learn, do better and also do more in every project, articulate the business benefits clearly for our clients, and share that knowledge widely - to such an extent that today we can proudly say that we are a company that innovates from the grassroots up. In the past six months, 85 percent of our specialized workforce has come up with at least one innovative idea. At last count (and that more than a couple of months ago) we had generated well over 5,000 ideas and innovations by applying the Zero Distance principle and associated innovation framework. These initiatives have undoubtedly contributed significantly to all the recognition that has come our way. 
So as we head into another year, let us keep our creative spirit and momentum going, focusing single-mindedly on our core purpose. While honors and applauses are welcome, this journey of finding and fixing the problems that stand in the way of all we and our clients can be - is our sweetest reward.

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