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January 14, 2016

'Zero'ing In On The Formula To Success

Posted by Gopikrishnan Konnanath (View Profile | View All Posts) at 11:24 AM

Organizational innovation: Between structure and white space [Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fv2bhTd07I]

This week, our leaders across the world gathered in our Bangalore campus to reflect on the last three months, and chart the way forward for the toughest quarter ahead. When we were not talking numbers (we just announced our third quarter results after all!), one thing was evident - we are doing something fundamentally right. The highlight being the Zero Distance movement within the company, which was implemented six months ago.

Over the last few quarters, we have been working very hard to bring innovation to every project and, in the process, harness a culture of innovation among our 180,000+ strong employee base. It hasn't been easy. But, we are finally beginning to see the rewards. Today, 90% of our delivery organization can proudly say that they have done something innovative in an existing project, beyond the scope of work. And when 90% of our delivery organization vouches for this, we are talking about approximately 8,000 projects. I couldn't be more proud of the incredible effort and enthusiasm of Infoscions behind this high-impact movement.

We started this initiative single-minded on creating a better future for our clients. Our five-point Zero Distance framework is helping us renew existing landscapes to extract operational excellence and greater value as we work towards new ways of growing. Come to think of it, the tenets of our Zero-Distance approach is quite simple, more about a heightened sense of awareness about any project - look and learn, do better and also do more in every project, articulate the business benefits clearly for our clients, and share that knowledge widely. This has helped us in reversing the decision flow culture with marquee clients - from a time where ideas used to be generated and approved by business, and delivered by us; with Zero Distance the ideas are generated by us, approved by business and delivered by us.

Here's an example. Twelve months ago, we partnered with TNT for a complex delivery project. As we went about our day job, we identified numerous opportunities to deliver additional value to the company. For example, the non-invasive automation created for monitoring the mainframe-based messaging app now enables quicker detection and automated resolution of incidents, giving higher business stability - we're renewing. Moreover, there are a number of additional developments in progress based around creating an 'interactive visibility dashboard', which will provide the business with greater insight to enable them to drive further service improvements and operational efficiencies.

I'll illustrate another instance of Zero Distance at work. Our client, who is a large managed Wi-Fi internet service provider, wanted to help its customers gain a better insight into user browsing patterns, measure footprint inside their retail stores through predictive analytics with their Wi-Fi infrastructure. The Infosys team used various OpenSource technologies to develop a lightweight, scalable and secure analytics solution architecture that fits the bill. The team not only helped the client in delivering the program but also provided insights on proposing an effective implementation plan to enable early time-to-market, attract new customer and renew existing customers. The result was tremendous. Our client renewed its contract with two customers and onboarded a new one, too.

That's making a real difference, isn't it? That's at the heart of the Zero Distance movement. But for any successful movement to sustain - we always have to ask ourselves - "What's next"? We're thinking about the future too. The next phase of this movement will be about three important things:

  • Enhancing and enabling collaboration to amplify value
  • Capturing business value delivered to the client and monetized value for Infosys
  • Capturing value created in the form of client acknowledgement for every project with the Zero Distance idea

We're excited about the future. We have miles to go before we think of sleep!

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