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February 19, 2016

A World Where Ideas Are All That Matter

Posted by Pravin Rao U. B. (View Profile | View All Posts) at 12:01 AM

Infosys in the strategic partner for global TEDx Anchor Program

Infosys in the strategic partner for global TEDx Anchor Program

Think about the history of mankind. Every forward step that man has ever taken in his journey on this planet - be it the invention of the wheel, the evolution of modern medicine, the building of the printing press - has all happened because of an idea. An idea that was born in the mind of one individual, but which didn't just stay there, because it was shared and brought to life by several others who improved on it to create new solutions and open up new opportunities.

Today, the power of shared ideas is more compelling than ever before.

As one leading economist puts it, "If the history of growth were a 24-hour clock, 99% would have come in the last 20 seconds." This is because we are on the cusp of a technology revolution unlike anything we have experienced before. And this is bringing us a respite from pointless, mechanical, repetitive tasks, which in turn, is giving us the freedom and creative leisure to do the things that only we humans are capable of. In other words, this wave of technologies, such as Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and Cognitive Computing, is presenting us with the opportunity to amplify our unique potential as human beings. At Infosys, we think of this as the dawn of a great human revolution...in a world where great ideas are all that matter.

I believe it is no coincidence that the Millennial generation - a product of the digital age and the prime actors in the human revolution - is driven by this desire to explore new ideas...to find and solve pressing problems of our times. Born into digital nativity, they are completely at ease with machines doing many of the tasks their predecessors did by hand. So their minds have been free to explore right from the outset. And now that they're filling the ranks of the workforce, these young people are demanding a chance to show they can do more than simply take and execute orders. We the corporate community, must together provide our youngsters with an environment where they can breathe life into their ideas. That means we must encourage entrepreneurial leanings and discourage fear of failure among our people. We must not only keep to a busy training schedule but more importantly, invest in building a culture of lifelong learning. This can be achieved in letter and spirit only if we work with one another, for one another.

And in that direction, Infosys takes another resolute step and supports TED's mission to spread ideas, by sponsoring the TEDx Anchor Program, in India, to accelerate the sharing of ideas that matter back here at home.

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