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February 24, 2016

Power Of Ideas To Help India Be More

Posted by Sumit Virmani (View Profile | View All Posts) at 7:50 AM

"...miles to go before l sleep", Robert Frost's much quoted poetic description of the journey ahead seems a rather apt depiction of the path before India. Indeed, we have so much to do that needs to be done. For starters, how can we get the nearly 80% of India that's offline today, online? How can we find a way for India to lead the world in financial inclusion? What's the way to bridge the gender divide in the country? Is there a solution to ensure our education systems mould purposeful problem-finders instead of just problem-solvers? What about the dozens of questions posed by our growing young population and their growing aspirations?

Ideas - big, audacious, simple, smart, imaginative, forward-looking, doable - we need them all to find and solve challenges, such as these, that surround us.

And fortunately for us, we live in an era where ideas are more 'findable' than ever before. Digitization is ridding people of the drudgery of repetitive tasks with little imagination and creative content, essentially jobs that are mechanical, boring and better left to drones and robots. Automation and Artificial Intelligence are freeing our minds and spirit to do the things that we are meant to do - explore new frontiers, discover the greatest needs of our times, and apply ourselves to finding purposeful solutions to tackle these. At Infosys, our digital transformation work with some of the world's largest organizations, has repeatedly proven to us that all the infinite possibilities technology creates can be distilled into one goal - amplifying humanity. Every day we see how technology exponentially increases our individual and collective ability to put to use our innate abilities to find extraordinary ideas for extraordinary solutions.

But here's the thing about ideas. Just because an idea might change the world doesn't mean it actually will: Once an idea is generated, it must then be disseminated and shared in widespread and persistent ways, before it can be embraced and deliver on its potential. The challenge of spreading ideas is one that we have taken on this year. We want to figure out ways to not just find but spread ideas that can encourage businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals to move the ball forward. We also want to especially encourage the emerging generation to be a generation of problem finders that bring to life all the big dreams we have for a better future. Big dreams that call for ideas worth sharing to be spread. Ideas that can help India be more.

To do exactly that, Infosys recently announced its strategic partnership with TED to launch the TEDx Anchor Program, a dynamic ideas exchange, designed to celebrate TEDx events around the world. TEDx events inspire communities to discuss big ideas on a wide range of subjects - education, health, science, design, technology, entertainment and more. Through this confluence with Infosys, TED will now provide dedicated support to TEDx organizers and bring high quality TEDx events to 14 cities across India.

As a marketer, bringing to life the promise of brand Infosys, and more so as an Indian, I am excited and hopeful about the doors that this partnership can open to help people around us pursue and benefit from ideas that can make the biggest difference, in areas that we urgently need to move forward together. Rabindranath Tagore once said, "Everything comes to us that belongs to us if we create the capacity to receive it." And it is this capacity - to find and share ideas that bring solutions in a spirit of partnership and empathy, so that it benefits all stakeholders - that Infosys aspires to create. And our partnership with TED, to make all of this possible, is one more resolute step onward on the exciting journey that lies ahead for us.

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