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April 18, 2016

A Confluence Of All That's Infosys

Posted by Sumit Virmani (View Profile | View All Posts) at 7:20 AM

A Confluence Of All That's Infosys

This year's Confluence - our annual thought leadership summit - has the makings of a blockbuster with its compelling content, transformational experiences, and innovations that people can pick up and apply straight off to their businesses. Whether it's the latest ideas for continuous business reinvention, exciting new ways to automate with maximum payoff or experiential learning in how intelligent platforms can create unprecedented capabilities, Confluence captures it all in a choice of experiences that delegates can then pick and choose from to build out their own personal Confluence. It offers the perfect platform for problem-finding, for people to ask why, and why not, even as it brings together client leaders, academicians, influencers and the who's who of the world of technology and business for three days of looking, learning, sharing and improving.

For us, it is a huge opportunity to bring home the value of the amazing work we do for clients - the Infosys technology that flies planes, that makes drugs safer, that assures parents that their teens are driving cars safely, and in ways little and large making our world a better place to be. Better still, Confluence will create forums for all of us to learn from each other, to build new and renew old relationships, to outline our vision for our own business and our clients', based on innovation, automation and lifelong learning, and thus deliver the promise of brand Infosys.

While Confluence is an incredibly powerful expression of all that Infosys is and can be, we understand that it is but one stop on a continuum of touch points where our stakeholders can experience who we are, what we do, and what we stand for. Confluence lasts three days in a year of three hundred and sixty five. And we fully appreciate that every one of those days presents us with a compelling opportunity to leave our brand stronger than it was the day before. Every Infoscion knows these opportunities lie in everything we aspire to and actually do at work. For instance, every project that we undertake is our chance to discover that big problem that has defied resolution until now, and to bring in our collective imagination, conviction and knowledge to help solve it. In fact, in many ways, Confluence is a showcase of this spirit of curious exploration and innovation. It will bring together the world of business - from the Fortune 500 to startups - to show how we might do things differently, do more of the untried and untested, and do it all collaboratively while teaching and learning from each other. So, together we build an ecosystem that anticipates and delivers on the end users' expectations, even before they articulate it.

For us building brand Infosys is not about logo-keeping. It's not about our messages of advertisement and promotion. And it's certainly not just an annual event (even one as imposing and well-attended as Confluence!) lasting three days. It's a way of being that we've prescribed for ourselves that marketing alone cannot entirely and solely shape. Brand Infosys is not only about our innovations, our technologies, our learning, our strengths and successes. Brand Infosys is all of that. And all of us.

And it is that brand Infosys that's on showcase to be experienced at Confluence 2016. Be there to catch the action live. Else, follow it in near real-time @InfyConfluence #InfosysConfluence

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