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April 22, 2016

Our Earth. Our Responsibility.

Posted by Sandeep Dadlani (View Profile | View All Posts) at 9:17 AM

Our Earth, Our Responsibility
Solar panels at Infosys campus in Pocharam, Hyderabad, India

Today is Earth Day and it is also the day more than 150 global leaders will sign the COP21 Paris climate agreement, committing their countries to cutting carbon pollution and combatting climate change. At Infosys, we care deeply about the goals these events envision: a brighter future fuelled by clean and renewable energy and a world protected from harmful climate change. But for Infosys, it's about more than one day - it's our everyday commitment. In fact, we're on our way to becoming one of only a handful of companies in the world to be truly carbon neutral - a goal we hope to achieve by 2018.

We strive to be responsible corporate and global citizens because we believe we all must help mitigate the global crisis that is climate change. It threatens communities and companies alike. From Silicon Valley to Bangalore; its impacts will be severe. Growing pollution, hotter temperatures, increasingly scarce resources, and rising seas will not only affect the health of our communities, but the businesses and supply chains of our industry. Cutting carbon pollution with clean energy is one big way we can help.

Investing in clean, renewable energy can also play a critical role in making sure the power we use helps the environment, but also our customers. We can't risk outages. So, like other large companies, Infosys relies on diesel generators to ensure an uninterrupted supply of power. But diesel is expensive and carbon-heavy and renewable energy like solar offers a far cleaner, and increasingly affordable alternative.

With stellar leadership from my colleague Ramadas Kamath, executive vice president of infrastructure and facilities who's heading our sustainability efforts and his incredible team, our commitment to be carbon neutral by 2018 is built on two pillars: to cut our per capita electricity consumption in half; and to rely on renewable power for all our electricity needs.

To cut usage, we've made a big energy efficiency push in our buildings. Retrofitting air-conditioning systems with new efficiency technology, we saved nearly 13.5 megawatts in the last four years. That's enough power to run several of our campuses for a whole year. Replacing conventional lighting fixtures with sensors and efficient LEDs, we reduced total lighting energy consumption by 60 percent. And, as a technology company, data is crucial. Monitoring each piece of systems equipment in our new buildings, we can identify and eliminate wasted power. In real-time.

We're making real headway. We've installed 12 megawatts of solar on our campuses across India. Our campus in Hyderabad Pocharam is 100 percent solar-powered - with cutting edge energy efficiency, real-time data monitoring, and climate-designed solar panels. The rooftop solar plant has a total capacity of 7.2 megawatts and is expected to generate 12 million kilowatts per annum, reducing the company's CO2 emissions by 9,200 tons. And from 2014 to 2015, nearly 30 percent of our electricity came from renewables, putting us in good company among other tech leaders: in 2015, Facebook got 25 percent of its energy from renewables; Google got 35 percent.

There's more to be done, but we're not alone. Infosys, Google, BMW, IKEA, Microsoft and more are part of the RE100 campaign, a global initiative of industry leaders committed to utilizing 100% renewable energy. As political leaders drive collective government action to combat climate change, Infosys is proud to join business leaders to do their part too.

From Earth Day to COP21, today is a big day for the climate and for climate awareness. Today, the world recognizes that climate change is no small threat. Combatting it will be no small task. But at Infosys, we're proud to say our carbon neutral push is no small feat. It's our everyday commitment.

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