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August 24, 2016

Why Pokémon Go is a Game-Changer for Augmented Reality

Posted by Amitabh Mudaliar (View Profile | View All Posts) at 7:08 AM

Why Pokémon Go is a Game-Changer for Augmented Reality

In the 1980s, a huge transit strike in New York City forced many executives to walk to work instead of taking the subway or bus. To make the commute manageable, many younger executives wore tennis or running shoes and brought their leather oxfords with them to the office in backpacks. The era and look of the "Yuppie" - the young, upwardly-mobile professional - had begun.

The Nike brand became a household name. People began placing more emphasis on personal wellness and exercise, and chains of fitness centers started to spring up all over the country to take advantage of these trends.

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