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December 28, 2016

InfyTalk 2016 -A Retrospective

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Not just an array of facts ─ but analysis, insights and new perspectives on the recent telco M&As

Business Transformation | Expansion | Consolidation

Amplify the message


Yes they flew off the shelf, but what makes the phenomenon happen again and again?

Customer Sentiment | Conversational Commerce | E-commerce Powerhouse- China

Bag this information


If you thought banking was all about the money, try coupling this with disruptive technology!

Frictionless Banking | Challenge of FinTechs | P2P Lending

High interest on posts


From stethoscopes to ingestible robots, it has been an incredible journey of care

Precision Medicine | Personalization | AI & Automation | Virtual Health

Cure your curiosity


So you thought it was all just fun and games? You are wrong

Advanced Analytics | Smart Monetization | Real-Time Insights | Gaming Technology

Workout the details


AI: Amplifying our lives, Empowering enterprises

Consumer Intimacy | Change Management | Competitive Innovation | Context Awareness

Deepdive for insights


Data can be a maker or breaker. But you already know that. We tell you why

Data Security | Data Governance | Cyber Security

Cut through the clutter


If it's innovation you wish to understand

Creativity | Learning | Idea Makers

Harness the intelligence


Nice blog..
Thanks for sharing with us.

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